Major League Soccer Matchups & Scores

Use Our MLS Scores to Handicap Major League Soccer Matches

Reading over MLS scores is critical to your soccer betting success. Soccer can liven up or flop within minutes, creating chaos to your ticket, so you’ll have to alter your approach to the shifting conditions swiftly -- that’s precisely why you need to monitor MLS scores in real time.

Picking and predicting MLS soccer results is no easy feat and our comprehensive MLS scores are as good as you're going to get when it comes to a fortune teller. We'll give you the most important stats and keep you updated on the outcome of the match right down to injury time.

MLS Live Scores

Our MLS scores quickly update once the action gets underway. This is especially imperative for in-play betting as there is ample information for MLS bettors to incorporate into making decisions on the fly, like the moneyline status or the Over/Under.

MLS Schedule: How Do I Read MLS Scores Today?

Start with surveying recent MLS scores to contemplate your pre-game wager. Flip over to our MLS consensus page and assess whether the info supports your initial instinct, in addition to the data you’ve gathered. You can also ponder tacking on more MLS matches to a parlay. The whole process is much easier with multiple MLS games, and the consensus, all on the same page.

If you favor in-play betting, we also have the proper resources to assist you with in-game wagering too, like the current status and movement of the total market or how the moneyline has moved since the beginning of the fixture.

Upcoming MLS Matchups

Both squads scheduled to square off with their respective records will be reflected at the top of the score box. On Odds Shark, a moneyline consensus is the expected result based on the current soccer odds, which also just happen to be listed in order to save you time.

The total consensus on Odds Shark is comparable to the moneyline, except it’s for the expected goals to be scored. The consensus can be used as a guide to your betting strategy, but like anything in this industry, it doesn’t guarantee MLS betting results.

Recent MLS Results

Our MLS soccer scores deliver predicted scores, the OVER/UNDER, moneyline odds and of course, the soccer spread -- these are all available for past matchups as well.

We’ve geared up several guided betting tools on our MLS scores page to help you with your decisions. Make use of them as you will, whether it be for a regular season match or the final of the MLS Cup. We’ve got you covered better than a secondary defender.

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