Best Blackberry Betting Sites: Where to Bet on Blackberry

BlackBerry sports betting means placing wagers on sports through web-based sports betting services on a BlackBerry device. Released in 1999, the BlackBerry was the first smartphone-like device to catch on in a big way around the world, thanks mostly to the businessmen who used it as both a status symbol and a communication and networking tool.

Though Blackberry has since fallen on hard times, with less than one percent market share in the mobile industry, it is still a household name with some 45 million active users as of the time of this review. Because BlackBerry accesses the web much like the more popular Android and Apple smartphones, it can access sports betting services online just as well.

Best Blackberry Betting Sites

You may be wondering if people are still developing BlackBerry-capable apps. The truth is – no, probably not, but that doesn’t matter in terms of online sports betting because most of the larger online Sportsbooks now concentrate on mobile-friendly websites accessible via browser. BlackBerry users can point their Web browser to online sportsbooks just as easily as iPhone or Samsung users.

How to Bet on a Blackberry

You need to do three things before you can place a sports wager on your BlackBerry:

Get a quality Blackberry device

Don’t run out and buy the first used BlackBerry you can find – quality matters when it comes to the device you use to access your online Sportsbook. Think of it this way – you’re going to be staring at this device for hours over the course of a betting season. You may as well shell out a little more for a device that performs to a high standard.

Open an account at a Blackberry-friendly sportsbook website

The good news here is that most sites operate BlackBerry-friendly mobile betting services. In fact, if you’re researching a book and you find that it doesn’t have a web-capable mobile site in place, move on to another site. This technology is standard at the world’s best sportsbooks. No worries here.

Maintain a stable connection to the Internet

This one may be a little tricky. A lot of people use their BlackBerry to bet on sports on a long commute to work or while they’re away from their home computer. If you’re on a train and can’t get a web signal, you could miss out on a chance to make a strong play or take advantage of a deposit bonus. Make sure you shop for the best possible wireless plan or stay in areas where 3G/4G connection is available.

Advantages of Blackberry Betting

The first big advantage to placing sports bets on your BlackBerry is convenience. Anywhere you can carry your BlackBerry (and get a web signal) is now a sportsbook. Since most books now allow users to do everything on mobile that they can on the traditional site, convenience is an even bigger factor.

Some users like that mobile betting gives them access to special mobile-only bonuses. If you find a book with a decent mobile incentive (and you already own a BlackBerry), this isn’t a bad reason to buy one and open an account. Every little bit helps, right?

Disadvantages of Blackberry Betting

The main disadvantage to using your BlackBerry to place sports bets is that you might have limited access to all the features on the traditional web version of the sportsbook you join. This is happening less and less often, thanks to improvements in both hardware and software. This is why it’s important to do your research before you open an account – look into their mobile options, read reviews and access the mobile site or app before you join. There’s nothing worse than Sportsbook an account only to find out later that they don’t offer the services you’re interested in.

Blackberry Betting Conclusion

Why would someone use a BlackBerry to bet on sports? Convenience is a major factor – bettors may not use their BlackBerry exclusively for sports betting, but it is a convenient way to place bets, make deposits, or perform other account maintenance actions and decisions. Mobile betting isn’t the wave of the future – it is the wave of now. Mobile is the biggest trend in the business, and if you’re not on board yet, you should get on board before the scene blows up and you can no longer access your sportsbook through a traditional laptop or desktop site.

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