CFL Scores & Results for Julho 11, 2024

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Conference Semi-Final | Conference Final | Grey Cup
Montreal Alouettes At Winnipeg Blue Bombers
MON 0-0 3.5 (140) 27
WIN 0-0 -3.5 (-182) 12
Hamilton Tiger-Cats At Calgary Stampeders
HAM 0-0 -6 (175) 24
CAL 0-0 6 (-240) 32
Saskatchewan Roughriders At Edmonton Elks
SAS 0-0 -5.5 (180) 29
EDM 0-0 5.5 (-250) 21
British Columbia Lions At Toronto Argonauts
BC 0-0 -9.5 (165) 27
TOR 0-0 9.5 (-225) 35

Use Our CFL Scores To Handicap Canadian Football Games

Canadian football is a fast-paced, action packed game. With only three downs allowed, the game moves quickly and provides endless entertainment. Here at Odds Shark, we provide CFL scores to help you place your bets. By visiting our CFL schedule and scores page throughout the season, you can see if you’re in line to win your bets.

Our CFL scores show final CFL betting results from recent CFL games and tells bettors which totals and moneylines were accurate, including Sportsbook and closing spreads. Odds Shark’s Canadian football scores also provides predicted CFL results, immediate handicapping for halftime betting odds and second-half wagering, along with other advantageous sports betting goodies for upcoming Canadian Football League matchups, as well as CFL Playoffs.

Our Favorite CFL Betting Sites

CFL scores aren’t just numbers on a board. CFL scores are there so you can closely follow your moneyline wagers and your OVER/UNDER bets. We update our CFL scoreboard with every field goal and every touchdown so that you can cheers your beers or burn your jersey based on the action on the turf. You can also check in on your side bets to see how they’re shaking out at your most trusted CFL betting sites.

CFL Live Scores

If the Toronto Argonauts are your favorite CFL team and they can get their offense going early, the point spread could grow in their game against the Calgary Stampeders. However, if you think the Argos will eventually turn their offensive struggles around, then in-game betting is just another way to utilize our CFL scoreboard and find the edge you need in order to make a profit.

Tapping into our CFL scoreboard has several benefits, particularly for CFL bettors who can’t get enough live betting. Get real time CFL results each quarter with our live CFL scores. The popular feature of in-play betting is available at just about any sportsbook where CFL bettors can wager live, even after the game has already kicked off.

Upcoming CFL Matchups

Our CFL scores page is as important to your betting strategy as maple is to syrup. Odds Shark’s CFL betting results are sure to keep you on top of it all, which helps in preparing new CFL wagers. Every CFL matchup has helpful handicapping data like team records, CFL trends, and free predicted CFL scores.

Do yourself a favor and read the previews from our Canadian football handicappers, as they analyze matchups with CFL teams who are on fire, can’t miss quarterbacks, and other expert advice you’ll appreciate when weighing your wagering decisions.

Recent CFL Results

Scan CFL betting results for each team’s last 10 games, as well as how they performed head-to-head. Line history can be tracked. You can sort through statistics, rankings, game logs, and injury reports, as well as bonuses from the best CFL sportsbooks online. Odds Shark provides detailed and in-depth reviews of the online betting sites offering competitive CFL odds. We even list the pros and cons of their promotions, rewards, and VIP perks.

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Have you bookmarked our CFL scores tab yet? While you’re at it, make our CFL futures odds page a favorite as well in your journey of winning more CFL bets this regular season, and through the Grey Cup. For the novice bettors who are still researching how to bet on CFL games, or for the certified sharps of the world, Odds Shark’s CFL results can be relied upon to help you make smart CFL picks.

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