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Westgate SuperContest

In 2016, the OddsShark Super Computer is back and bringing even more of its friends and friendly competitors to challenge for NFL handicapping supremacy in the Westgate Super Contest!

Last year’s effort saw the computer finish with 40.5 point out of a possible 85, closer than in 2014, but still short of the 42.5 points needed to hit .500. And while 2015 saw improvement over the Super Computer’s 2014 score it was still 20 points short of the 60.5 points collected by the winning team – Rounding Again.

Year 1 of the OddsShark Super Computer’s participation in the growing Westgate Super Contest, the computer finished under .500, well off the lead and nowhere near pocketing the nearly $750,000 grand prize won by CH Ballers.

Before that we watched the popularity of SuperContest grow each year and watched as the accuracy of our Super Computer’s predictions increased. What better time to mesh those two worlds together, so we decided 2014 would be the year we challenged the handicapping world and put the computer up against the sharpest NFL experts in the world. As the Westgate Super Contest has continued to grow, it’s possible the grand prize could top $1 million in 2016!!

Any contest is more fun when some of your friends and colleagues are involved, so we invited some top bloggers and media personalities to join in the fun. For a third straight year, we’ll keep tabs on how everyone is doing, being sure to brag about our 5-0 ATS weeks and being sure to downplay our 1-4 weeks. We’ll cherry-pick the best five selections each week from the list of 16 computer picks and enter those in the Westgate SuperContest.

Just by making the same predictions you make each week in your free office pool, you could be earning your share of a huge prize pool. For more information on the contest, visit the Westgate page. To learn more about a ‘proxy’ service (a person on the ground in Vegas to make your weekly picks for you), click here.