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NCAAB Basketball - Consensus

Against the Spread
ConsensusLineBest Spread
100%+13-101 5Dimes
-13-109 5Dimes
100%-5.5-105 5Dimes
+5.5-105 BetOnline
98%+19.5-105 5Dimes
-19.5-105 5Dimes
95%-6.5-105 5Dimes
+6.5+100 BetOnline
95%+6-103 BetOnline
-6-105 5Dimes
89%-2.5-104 5Dimes
+2.5-106 5Dimes
71%+13.5-105 5Dimes
-13.5-105 5Dimes
71%+3-105 5Dimes
-3-105 5Dimes
69%+12.5-105 5Dimes
-12.5-105 5Dimes
69%-5.5-102 5Dimes
+5.5-108 5Dimes
68%-1.5-105 5Dimes
+1.5-105 5Dimes
68%+2-105 5Dimes
-2-105 5Dimes
68%+3.5-109 5Dimes
-3.5-101 5Dimes
66%-1-112 5Dimes
+1+102 5Dimes
66%-3.5-115 BetOnline
+3.5-105 BetOnline
65%-16-105 5Dimes
+16-105 BetOnline
64%-8-107 5Dimes
+8-103 5Dimes
64%+2.5-108 5Dimes
-2.5-102 5Dimes
64%+2.5-105 BetOnline
-2.5-105 5Dimes
64%-3-106 5Dimes
+3-103 BetOnline
60%-2-105 5Dimes
+2-105 5Dimes
60%+12-105 5Dimes
-12-105 5Dimes
58%+2.5-104 5Dimes
-2.5-106 5Dimes
56%+4.5-105 5Dimes
-4.5-105 5Dimes
56%+9.5-108 5Dimes
-9.5-102 5Dimes
53%+7-105 BetOnline
-7-105 5Dimes
53%+2-108 5Dimes
-2-102 5Dimes
53%+3-110 BetOnline
-2.5-109 5Dimes
52%+9.5-102 5Dimes
-9.5-108 5Dimes
ConsensusO/UBest Total
o over143-105 5Dimes
u under143.5-110 BetOnline
o over149-110 BetOnline
u under149-110 BetOnline
o over162-110 BetOnline
u under162-110 BetOnline
o over153-110 BetOnline
u under153-110 BetOnline
o over165.5-103 5Dimes
u under165.5-107 5Dimes

About NCAA Basketball Consensus

College basketball betting offers sports bettors literally hundreds of games to bet on during a busy Saturday. With sportsbooks posting spreads and totals on so many games, there are always edges you can find and the best tool for finding those edges is studying accurate college basketball consensus data. Here at Odds Shark (and the various sports sites where we gather NCAA hoops consensus votes and picks), thousands of fans are polled every day, producing college basketball percentages indicating how the public is betting. Use the information to follow the crowd or bet against the public. Bookmark this page for daily NCAA basketball trends to help you enjoy more success at the sportsbook.

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Betting Against the Public

You pop open a matchup report and see that 81.4% of bettors have picked Duke to cover the spread against Wake Forest at -17.5 points. Remembering your Grade 5 math teacher, you calculate that only 18.6% of bettors like the Demon Deacons in this game. Does this mean you should immediately go bet the Blue Devils because the public clearly knows something that you don't or do you immediately bet on Wake Forest because anytime 81.4% of the public is on one team, they are almost always wrong.

Casual or recreational bettors (known by the affectionate name of 'squares') often like to bet favorites or bet their favorite teams, regardless of the wagerline. That means a high percentage isn't always an indicator that the public is right. But your interpretation of the consensus college basketball numbers depends on the way you handicap the games. Regardless, it's critical information and we rate the consensus NCAA basketball picks.

We also encourage visitors to make the consensus data even stronger by adding their opinions, predictions, and basketball picks to the equation (by simply clicking on the matchup report links). Together, all basketball fans can help generate excellent NCAA hoops consensus percentages that will help everyone in the long run. So bookmark this important page and tell your friends!