MLB Baseball - Power Rankings

Team NameRankLast WeekChangePowerScheduleAdjusted Power
Kansas City1 2 +1+44.380.47+20.71
Boston2 1 -1+28.620.54+15.33
Chi Cubs3 3 -+35.130.42+14.80
NY Yankees4 5 +1+21.250.50+10.62
Cincinnati5 4 -1+20.130.52+10.49
Pittsburgh6 6 -+19.380.46+9.00
Tampa Bay7 7 -+14.560.51+7.38
Toronto8 8 -+11.790.51+6.06
San Francisco9 12 +3+12.450.49+6.05
LA Dodgers10 13 +3+7.050.56+3.93
Oakland11 19 +8+5.640.56+3.14
Chi White Sox12 16 +4+5.380.53+2.85
Cleveland13 17 +4+4.240.52+2.21
Houston14 11 -3+3.700.49+1.82
Detroit15 14 -1+1.960.53+1.04
Washington16 10 -6+1.450.41+0.59
Texas17 15 -2+1.130.48+0.54
Seattle18 9 -9-2.400.45-1.08
St. Louis19 20 +1-2.630.51-1.35
Miami20 21 +1-4.210.51-2.16
NY Mets21 28 +7-9.290.44-4.10
Colorado22 27 +5-12.460.53-6.54
Arizona23 23 --14.880.47-6.99
Milwaukee24 18 -6-18.200.52-9.40
San Diego25 26 +1-24.040.54-12.88
Atlanta26 25 -1-34.360.40-13.75
LA Angels27 29 +2-29.080.56-16.24
Philadelphia28 24 -4-34.640.48-16.46
Baltimore29 22 -7-32.380.52-16.73
Minnesota30 30 --51.500.53-27.04

How are MLB Power Rankings calculated?

* Power Rankings for MLB are updated every Monday and Friday of the regular season. Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall, early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year.

You look at the baseball standings, see the Red Sox at the bottom of the AL East and the Orioles at the top, and automatically decide to bet on Baltimore. That's not an example of powerful handicapping and not a smart way to make bets. Standings give you part of the picture, not the whole frame.

MLB power rankings help complete the picture and make it more realistic. Do Boston's strengths play into Baltimore's weaknesses? Are the standings masking an issue that you can exploit as a baseball bettor? Check out the MLB Power Rankings here at each week to see how teams climb the ratings ladder, then fall down it. Compare it against the live baseball odds. See below the ratings chart for details on the math that underlies the rankings. boasts tons of baseball handicapping data from matchup reports to umpire stats, but some of the most important numbers you will find are in the MLB Power Rankings chart. There are sortable stats for team offense, such as runs per game, hits, walks and strikeouts, along with defensive equivalents based on runs per game, team ERA and more. We take the home and road factors of each and include the all-important factor for MLB moneyline bettors - wins - and come up with a powerful number.

We take the overall baseball power stat and multiple it against a strength-of-schedule factor to achieve a final rating. If the Red Sox are 40-70 but have played half their games in a division that includes the Orioles, Yankees, Rays and Jays, they might not be as bad as their record. Chances are, their power rank might indicate they are a great bet outside the AL East.

Importantly, some of the numbers may be odd early in the year until all teams have completed a few road and home series. A bad home series or one against a top team may unfairly skew their ranking, so handle with care in April each year. But stick with it. In time, the numbers provide a solid, true glimpse into the quality of teams and can help you find line value (and ultimately win more wagers).

Good luck with your MLB baseball handicapping this year!