MLB Baseball - Offensive Stats

Team Score Hits Walks Strikeouts Team ERA
Toronto 5.459.053.527.183.88
NY Yankees 4.698.593.417.594.04
Boston 4.629.232.957.094.34
Texas 4.618.733.077.624.24
Kansas City 4.579.232.406.073.75
Colorado 4.559.152.407.925.01
Houston 4.488.373.028.683.54
Arizona 4.449.
Baltimore 4.408.452.588.224.03
Washington 4.348.433.338.303.63
San Francisco 4.309.162.827.153.73
Minnesota 4.308.332.717.804.09
Oakland 4.288.682.936.914.16
Detroit 4.289.402.837.824.68
League Average4.258.652.907.733.96
NY Mets
Chi Cubs
Cleveland 4.168.683.317.193.69
LA Dodgers
LA Angels
Seattle 4.058.512.968.254.13
Milwaukee 4.048.512.548.024.30
San Diego
St. Louis 4.008.513.097.922.95
Tampa Bay 3.988.542.698.093.74
Cincinnati 3.958.543.067.754.35
Philadelphia 3.868.482.397.864.69
Chi White Sox 3.848.542.497.603.97
Miami 3.788.772.317.104.04
Atlanta 3.548.412.916.834.42

Baseball offensive stats can give excellent clues to how MLB bettors should be tackling over under bets. We track the stats for runs, hits, walks and strikeouts in a sortable format (click the headers to compare how teams do in the various categories). Finding significant edges on this page and comparing your other handicapping data around defense and starting pitchers and you have a good start on making smarter MLB baseball wagers.