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NHL Hockey - Power Rankings

Team NameRankLast WeekChangePowerScheduleAdjusted Power
Boston1 1 -+23.130.48+11.15
Edmonton2 4 +2+19.080.51+9.76
Washington3 2 -1+17.800.47+8.38
Los Angeles4 6 +2+14.590.54+7.91
Pittsburgh5 8 +3+11.950.48+5.75
St. Louis6 5 -1+11.670.46+5.34
Tampa Bay7 3 -4+8.550.50+4.24
Toronto8 10 +2+8.600.49+4.24
Anaheim9 9 -+7.270.53+3.83
Calgary10 7 -3+6.650.55+3.63
Winnipeg11 11 -+4.560.48+2.21
NY Rangers12 16 +4+4.110.51+2.08
Carolina13 12 -1+4.190.47+1.98
Detroit14 14 -+2.830.48+1.36
Montreal15 20 +5+2.510.46+1.15
Minnesota16 21 +5+1.260.48+0.60
Philadelphia17 13 -4+0.830.48+0.40
Ottawa18 17 -1-0.450.51-0.22
Dallas19 23 +4-2.410.49-1.22
Buffalo20 15 -5-3.300.52-1.58
Florida21 22 +1-4.010.54-1.84
Nashville22 18 -4-4.760.55-2.13
Chicago23 19 -4-6.400.49-3.24
San Jose24 25 +1-9.860.53-4.60
Arizona25 24 -1-8.260.44-4.65
Columbus26 26 --10.940.49-5.61
NY Islanders27 28 +1-12.480.50-6.20
Colorado28 30 +2-18.410.52-8.85
New Jersey29 27 -2-20.960.50-10.40
Vancouver30 29 -1-26.260.57-11.35

How NHL Power Rankings made?

* Power Rankings are updated every Monday and Friday of the NHL regular season. Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall, early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular season games of the previous year.

Wins and losses. That's what an NHL standings page will show you - hardly a comprehensive look into the relative strength and weaknesses of pro hockey teams. But that's what some novice handicappers rely on make their NHL bets. The Sharks are first overall, the Senators are 27th overall, therefore I bet on the Sharks.

NHL power rankings aim to break down all the stats that are important beyond the win and loss column. After crunching the stats on power play efficiency and goal differential and road strength, you might find that the line on the Sharks vs Senators game actually favors Ottawa.

When one team's strengths fit into another team's weaknesses, you have an edge. Compare that edge against the NHL moneylines each day and you may have a reason to put down some cash. See below the ratings chart for details on the math that underlies the rankings.

Betting on hockey, like baseball wagering, requires discipline and a keen eye for odds value. Finding that value is not something you can do with simple handicapping or quickly glancing the NHL standings page. There is one page you can quickly glance to get a better feel of the true strength of teams and that is the NHL Power Rankings page here at OddsShark.com.

Some teams are strong, despite their win-loss records, and deserve your money each Saturday based on defensive or defensive edges or on power play and penalty killing talents.

We take 12 sets of NHL stats and mash them across the league and run our specialized formula against the numbers. Scoring, goals against average, PK efficiency, power play rating, road and home stats and more to come up with an overall power number. We crunch that against a strength of schedule number that balances out the rough edges because a team beating up on lousy competition should not be climbing the power ladder faster than a team playing tough competition. At some point, that 'hot' team is going to crash and burn and you're going to know exactly when and why. That's when savvy hockey bettors make their cash.

We run the stats on offense and defense, home and away and display the harvest - a truer picture of the strongest teams in the NHL, top to bottom. That list should help you judge the best odds on the NHL moneyline or over under or puck line.

It's part of the OddsShark.com commitment to better data, faster data and more relevant data. Check it out this hockey season!