MasterCard Betting Sites

MasterCard, or at least the options its services make available, can be “priceless” to some people. And among the things one can do with a MasterCard is make deposits and withdrawals from online MasterCard betting sites.

At least, that is, in most of the free world, which at the moment doesn't include the United States. Washington D.C. seems to think using credit cards and services to fund such activities should be prohibited, but nonetheless that doesn't mean the rest of the world should be left out.

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Bovada Sportsbook

You can deposit money into your Bovada account using any Visa branded credit card, gift card or check/debit card. 

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Top Bet


TopBet allows personal credit cards, including MasterCard as long as they are active for international purchases.

Secure Deposits and Free Payouts

Weekly NFL + MLB "Free Bets"

50% Deposit Bonus up to $250

Deposit & Cash Out Options: 
Money Bookers
Money Transfer
Wire Transfer

GT Bets

GT Bets Sportsbook

$35 Min; Max depends on player status.

Quick Deposits and Payouts

Reputable and Experienced Management

Allows US players

Deposit & Cash Out Options: 
Person to Person

Here's a quick primer on using MasterCard at MasterCard betting sites.

Why Choose MasterCard for your Betting Site Deposits

MasterCard has been around since the 1960s, when it was introduced as an interbank alternative to Visa. Initially MasterCard was touted as a consumer payment option at merchants where other credit cards were not accepted. These days MasterCard is almost synonymous with consumer credit, with many millions of clients around the world.

MasterCard can be used to fund and withdraw on accounts at online sportsbooks, although it is a bit sticky for Americans. For the moment, United States federal banking laws make it illegal for credit services such as MasterCard to be used in that manner. Because of this American MasterCard clients interested in such transactions are forced to use other methods, such as intermediaries like Skrill or Neteller. MasterCard can be used to fund accounts at online financial services such as those, which then can be used to fund online sportsbook accounts.

Using an intermediary also provides an extra level of security, keeping unscrupulous online merchants from knowing one's personal banking information.  

Of course, there will be fees when using MasterCard to fund accounts with MasterCard betting sites, but many online gambling operations offer bonuses that help offset such fees. Mention it, and you might be surprised at the result.

MasterCard Betting Sites – What to Look for Before you Deposit

The presence of a MasterCard logo on a betting site almost acts as an endorsement itself, considering MasterCard's business motives. They don't want to do business with any fly-by-night operations, and they don't want their clients dealing with them, either. That's just like asking for trouble. So MasterCard customers can be confident when dealing with MasterCard betting sites.  

Most MasterCard betting sites are licensed to operate in their home countries, owned by known parent companies and researched by online sportsbook watchdogs. That might be the first thing a potential bettor might want to check – is this book licensed? With licensing comes regulations and oversight, which in actuality are beneficial to the bettor.

Once a bettor has found books he is confident are financially legit, he should then study the books themselves. Which ones have a good reputation for making it easy to make deposits and withdrawals? Who is fair with their betting lines and odds? Have there been any complaints about conflict  resolutions? These are all important questions, and bettors should have the answers before they begin sending any money.

Finally it comes down to which books are best for the individual bettor, based on a few important personal-preference factors; do they offer betting on the events I want to bet on? Hockey? Soccer? Cricket? Australian Rules Football? What are the betting limits? What are the payout limits? What are the odds on parlays? Do they offer in-game betting? And all that has to do just with the games themselves.

How about sign-up bonuses? Free bets? Loyalty rewards? Those things can add up, and they can also vary widely from book to book. And how often can I withdraw winnings? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? That kind of information might go a long way toward making a choice on a MasterCard betting site.

How do Other Betting Site Deposit Methods Compare to MasterCard?

MasterCard can be a quick and easy way to fund and cash MasterCard betting sites, but it might not be the best option, depending on the individual player. There are other online payment services that might prove to be more convenient, with lower fees and better perks. But then again, fewer online betting shops accept dealings with some of those other outfits, while all the best books are perfectly willing to deal with a reputable firm like MasterCard.

And there are always debit cards, which are accepted almost anywhere, and don't involve fees. On the other hand, giving out the details of these cards online can be somewhat dangerous.

And confidentiality can be a concern. Some bettors might not want deposits and charges to appear on their monthly statements.  

Bank wires can be very reliable, and good for larger deposits and withdrawals, but they can also take a few days to clear.  

In the end there's only one way to find out about financing online betting accounts, and that is to do some homework, shop around, and search out the method that best suits one's needs.