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For many years Visa billed itself as being “everywhere you want to be.” Of course, that wasn't entirely true, and it still isn't. Visa is still used by millions of customers around the world for many things, including funding and withdrawing from online betting sites.

But of course there are certain rules and restrictions that apply, especially for Americans. Here's a quick look at some of the pros and cons of using Visa for online gambling transactions.

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Why Choose Visa for your Betting Site Deposits?

Visa has been around since the late 1950s, pioneering the use of electronic financial transactions. Up until then many consumers used lines of credit at many different merchants, but there hadn't been a credit service that covered transactions at multiple outlets. The incarnation that later became Visa changed that. Now, a consumer could use his Visa card at the grocery store, the gas station, and the hardware store, and at the end of the billing cycle could make just one payment, instead of one to each merchant.

Now Visa claims millions of clients around the world, and covers ten of billions of transactions annually with a total volume in the trillions of dollars.

When it comes to funding Visa betting sites, however, there are a few concerns. Mainly, they have to do with where the online betting site is based, and where the potential bettor lives. In many places around the world this isn't a problem. But in the United States recent changes in banking regulations have made it tough – or should we say, “illegal” - to put money in or take money out of online gaming accounts using conduits such as Visa.

For non-American Visa clients the process is much easier. Most online books will accept funds from and pay out to Visa accounts. But there are always limits and fees, sometimes on both ends of the transaction, so potential bettors will want to do some homework, and use the options that will cost them the least.

For Americans who can't use their Visa services to facilitate their online betting accounts they can try to use intermediaries, such as MyPaylinQ or Skrill. Accounts at outlets like these can be funded by a Visa card, and can then be used to fund an online betting account.

However, there may be delays in getting money from one to the other, coming and going, and there will be fees charged. But some online sportbooks also offer customers bonuses that help offset such fees. 

This method also provides bettors with a buffer between their banks and the online betting sites, adding an extra level of security.  

Visa Betting Sites – What to Look for Before you Deposit

A company like Visa, with millions of clients and a reputation to uphold, can be selective when it comes to which online sportsbooks it will allow to use its services. This means that seeing a Visa logo on the “deposits” page of a Visa betting site is almost like a stamp of approval. 

Also, most online betting outlets that accept Visa are “big” brands who are officially licensed and often owned by well-known parent companies. Just to make sure, we recommend potential bettors check for a license before sending money and/or personal information to any online sportsbook.

Books can be researched online for their reliability, gaming policies and external certifications of fairness. Potential bettors will want to check for shops with reputations for good customer service, fair dispute resolution and fast and hassle-free payouts. Doing a little homework up front can save online bettors a lot of potential headaches down the line.

Once all that has been taken care of potential bettors can get down to the business of researching the Visa betting sites themselves, comparing and contrasting the financial incentives, such as bonuses, promotions and free bets, and the sports betting offerings.

Visa betting sites are among the biggest in the business, with a huge clientele from all around the globe. So their betting offerings cater to this diverse contingent of bettors by covering a wide variety of popular and even unpopular sports.

A bettor will also want to become acquainted with the range of bets offered, and betting limits, and of course the odds. Betting odds vary from book to book, but some of the larger shops are able to offer better odds, because of their overall handle.  And horse players will be very interested in the limits books place on their exotic payouts.

How do Other Betting Site Deposit Methods Compare to Visa?

Visa can be a quick and easy way to make deposits at Visa betting sites, but it may not be the best method for certain potential bettors. Much depends upon on an individual's specific circumstances; where they live, how much they like to bet, what they like to bet on, and the like. If speed is a concern, other online payment services may suit certain bettors better, such as bank transfers. The same goes for fees. Intermediaries can come in very handy, especially for Americans, and also provide a degree of security and confidentiality. So while Visa has its advantages, it's best to shop around.