NHL Hockey - Offensive Stats

Team Score Shots PP Goals PP Chances PP%
Dallas 3.5432.040.833.0827.03
Montreal 3.5231.120.843.5223.86
Boston 3.3230.231.003.0932.35
Ottawa 3.3028.740.652.9122.39
Washington 3.2631.170.832.9128.36
Colorado 2.9629.460.753.7919.78
NY Rangers 2.9627.640.562.4023.33
NY Islanders 2.8829.400.522.8018.57
San Jose 2.8729.780.523.1716.44
Minnesota 2.8626.680.683.4120.00
Arizona 2.8327.090.573.7814.94
Chicago 2.7930.250.713.0423.29
Vancouver 2.7630.680.723.6419.78
St. Louis 2.7130.330.583.1218.67
Winnipeg 2.6828.480.483.0415.79
League Average2.6729.460.633.1519.89
Florida 2.6128.650.743.3522.08
Nashville 2.5730.650.613.4317.72
Los Angeles 2.5232.130.572.8320.00
Edmonton 2.4828.640.602.8421.13
New Jersey 2.4325.740.703.3920.51
Columbus 2.4029.440.603.3617.86
Tampa Bay 2.3628.560.523.0816.88
Calgary 2.3328.670.382.7913.43
Toronto 2.3329.920.622.9621.13
Detroit 2.3327.040.503.1715.79
Pittsburgh 2.2630.870.613.5717.07
Buffalo 2.2529.420.673.1221.33
Carolina 2.0830.710.423.3312.50
Anaheim 2.0429.600.562.4822.58
Philadelphia 1.8830.420.503.0416.44

Just because a team leads its division does not mean its a good bet to beat the team behind in tonight’s game. What if the first-place team leads the NHL in scoring by a wide margin? What if the second-place team averages a full goal less per game and can’t score on the power play? This is the type of NHL handicapping data you expect from a good hockey stats page and that’s what we aim to provide here in the Odds Shark NHL section.

We rank each team in scoring, shots on goal, power play goals and power play chances as well as power play percentage. In hockey betting, a team with a superior power play is often a team to bet on. And depending on its opponent, the power play could be the deciding factor in whether your over-under bet works out profitably. Click the header link in each category and the computer will restack the stats page, listing the top team in each important category. Switch to the defensive stats pages by clicking that tab. Bookmark us as we update al this data every day so you don’t have to.