NHL Hockey - Defensive Stats

Team Score Shots PP Goals PP Chances PK%
NY Rangers 1.9531.410.503.4585.53
Los Angeles 2.1828.730.593.9184.88
Montreal 2.2228.870.483.3085.53
Tampa Bay 2.2228.350.522.7881.25
Washington 2.2425.950.432.6783.93
Pittsburgh 2.3330.860.573.3883.10
NY Islanders 2.4528.590.593.2381.69
St. Louis 2.4828.870.573.7885.06
New Jersey 2.4827.710.523.2984.06
Detroit 2.5030.680.503.1884.29
Nashville 2.5227.190.622.8678.33
San Jose 2.5528.500.642.9578.46
Dallas 2.5929.180.592.7778.69
Chicago 2.5928.860.592.8279.03
Florida 2.6731.520.763.2476.47
League Average2.6729.500.623.1780.35
Vancouver 2.7029.700.652.9677.94
Anaheim 2.7029.570.433.4887.50
Minnesota 2.7028.450.652.5074.00
Buffalo 2.7328.270.642.5575.00
Toronto 2.8231.500.593.2381.69
Carolina 2.8225.550.552.2776.00
Philadelphia 2.8633.090.733.0976.47
Arizona 2.9030.100.713.7180.77
Boston 2.9028.760.903.7175.64
Ottawa 2.9134.770.773.5578.21
Colorado 3.0529.950.733.0576.12
Edmonton 3.0929.050.592.8679.37
Columbus 3.1329.870.653.6181.93
Winnipeg 3.2230.830.874.0478.49
Calgary 3.6429.860.772.7772.13

They say defense wins championships and defense also wins hockey bets. Knowing the NHL defensive stats better than your bookie gives you a leg up in your hockey wagers each day, whether on the moneyline, puck line or over under. At Odds Shark, we rank the best defensive teams in the NHL in several important handicapping categories.

First, goals allowed is the big one. Your first click here will rank the teams that give up the fewest goals per game. These are the teams that have better chances to win each night. We also rate which teams give up the fewest shots on goal per game. Fewer shots should equal fewer goals against, so clicking on that header can provide a wealth of solid information. Which teams have the best penalty kill? The best penalty kill percentage? Find a game where you have the best penalty kill team against the weakest power play unit and you might have a bet to make. So bookmark the page, share with your friends and check back each day to grab these important NHL: defensive stats before making your wagers.