About US

OddsShark.com has become synonymous with quality odds information through its relationships with some of the biggest sports portals on the planet.

Want proof that this statement isn’t just empty bluster?

The comparative odds display on FoxSports has been provided by OddsShark.com since 2008 for North American sports and for the UFC as the new Fox Sports 1 channel looks to dominate the landscape.

In the same year, OddsShark.com celebrated an odds provider partnership with Yahoo! Sports whereby the major North American sports are represented.
Later in 2010, a partnership with SBNation took shape with OddsShark.com writers and contributors managing the odds hub or section with this surging network of important sports sites.

And NBCSports was the next major site to seek OddsShark.com trusted expertise in providing sports odds.

Through our lead handicapper Mike Pickett, we provide daily odds-related articles and insights to Bleacher Report, one of the Internet’s biggest blog networks and the sports-information arm of Turner Sports and CNN. Readers of major newspapers in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities rely on OddsShark.com for their lines updates and information.

And via another company, OddsShark.com became the odds and technology provider to ESPN.

Other trusted handicapping sites such as AmericasLine.com and DocSports.com also trust OddsShark.com as their lines provider, updating odds from around the world every few minutes.

So while the OddsShark.com website was new back in 2008, the company behind it was not, having been online doing sports matchups, odds comparisons and other sports-related functionality since 1997.

In fact, we were providing stats, trends, analysis and picks before the Internet even took off, providing products via phone and (egad) fax-on-request services in 1994.

So sports stats, odds and betting information is old hat around here. And many continue to ask questions about sports lotteries, Vegas point spreads and fantasy sports competitions and we keep educating folks about it all.

That’s the goal of OddsShark.com – to become the authority on odds, point spreads and other questions related to the numbers around sports wagering. You have heard of pool sharks being the best and craftiest of billiards players and you have heard of card sharks being expert in poker. Today, we have OddsShark – the expert on all things related to odds.

If you have questions or suggestions for website additions or subtractions, if you spot an error or if you just plain don’t understand something, please drop us an email. We’ll do our best to get back to you. Odds are good it will be the same day.

There is plenty of new information and features being added weekly and we welcome feedback and comments.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy the site!