Hot Drop Jackpots: Guaranteed Slot Payouts

There are a ton of reasons to play online slots - they’re entertaining, creative, and filled with unique features and bonuses. However, many players would agree that one of the most compelling reasons to play slots is the chance that you’ll hit the jackpot and win big.

However, it could be weeks, months, or even years before a lucky player was able to win the big jackpot. That’s the issue that Hot Drop Jackpots set out to remedy, resulting in them becoming extremely popular in a short amount of time.

What Are Hot Drop Jackpots?

Hot Drop Jackpots Wheel

Hot Drop Jackpots are similar to progressive jackpots in that they gradually increase over time. However, the key difference is that these games are guaranteed to pay out within a certain amount of time, or when a certain prize amount is reached. While players still can’t tell exactly when a jackpot will be won, they’ll have a better idea of when the game might pay out.

Hot Drop Jackpots are slowly starting to go live at online casinos, and so it’s only a matter of time before you’ll have the chance to try to win a jackpot at the casino of your choice.

Types Of Hot Drop Jackpots

As with progressive jackpot games, there can be multiple Hot Drop Jackpots active for a single game. The primary types of Hot Drop Jackpots are Hourly Hot Drops, Daily Hot Drops, and Super Hot Drops.

  • Hourly Hot Drops: Slot machines where the jackpot can be won once an hour.
  • Daily Hot Drops: Slot machines where the jackpot can be won once per day.
  • Super Hot Drops: Slot machines where the jackpot can be hit at any point up to a certain dollar amount.

Of course, as with regular progressive jackpot games, the longer it takes to win a jackpot, the more it is worth. Daily Hot Drops will always be worth more than Hourly Hot Drops. Super Hot Drops are the closest to regular progressive jackpots, though they are paid out far more often; a player will hit a Super Hot Drop jackpot roughly once every four-and-a-half days.

How Do You Win a Hot Drop Jackpot?

All slots depend on a random number generator (RNG) to determine winners, so winning a Hot Drop Jackpot is completely down to luck. However, there are a few ways that you can increase your chances of winning one.

Hot Drop games will tell you which jackpots are currently active; if all four jackpots are active, there are four chances to win. Once time-based jackpots are collected, they can’t be won again until the next hour or day, so by playing when all jackpots are available, you have a better chance to win one than if one or more had already been claimed.

Similarly, Hot Drops are a unique kind of casino jackpot because they have a time or prize limit. If that limit is close and the jackpot hasn’t been won yet, it is going to be won soon. If you want to maximize your chances of winning a specific jackpot, you should play when it is close to its limit.

Why You Should Play Hot Drop Jackpots

There are quite a few reasons why you should seek out a Hot Drop Jackpot at a casino. First and foremost is the obvious chance to hit the jackpot much faster, and for a larger amount, than you would with a traditional progressive jackpot.

Secondly, Hot Drop Jackpots are not solely the domain of new games. Some of the most popular slots today will be gaining Hot Drop functionality, meaning you may be able to win a jackpot on your favorite slot. This is a trend that may continue as Hot Drops increase in popularity.

Third, Hot Drops are an exciting new frontier in slot machine jackpots. Many players will be looking to try them out in search of a unique and novel experience, much like live dealer casino games. Since time and prize limits ensure that Hot Drops pay out more often than progressive jackpots, players trying them out for the first time might get lucky and win the big jackpot.

Super Hot Drop Jackpot Winners

Want to know how often players are winning Super Hot Drop Jackpots? The table below collects every win to date!

June 8th, 202210:45 AM EST$245,782.86Golden Buffalo
June 9th, 20227:35 AM EST$242,964.20A Night With Cleo
June 11th, 202212:40 AM EST$243,768.82A Night With Cleo
June 12th, 202212:34 PM EST$245,743.07Golden Buffalo
June 14th, 20224:31 AM EST$242,354.69777 Deluxe
June 16th, 202212:24 AM EST$240,408.97Golden Buffalo
June 17th, 20221:50 PM EST$239,067.99Golden Buffalo
June 19th, 20221:01 AM EST$241,203.86Golden Buffalo
June 21st, 202210:00 PM EST$239.308.05A Night With Cleo
June 23rd, 20223:17 PM EST$241,733.97A Night With Cleo
June 25th, 20223:58 AM EST$240,629.42A Night With Cleo
June 27th, 20221:17 AM EST$242,786.78Golden Buffalo
June 30th, 202210:49 PM EST$243,885.82A Night With Cleo
July 2nd, 20222:25 PM EST$243,766.02777 Deluxe
July 5th, 20223:08 PM EST$242,527.85Golden Buffalo
July 8th, 20221:19 PM EST$243,850.31A Night With Cleo
July 11th, 20222:53 AM EST$240,248.15A Night With Cleo
July 14th, 20222:18 AM EST$240,964.58777 Deluxe
July 16th, 202211:49 PM EST$243,812.08Golden Buffalo
July 20th, 20221:05 PM EST$244,687.37Reels of Fortune
July 22nd, 202210:01 AM EST$239,714.42Reels of Fortune
July 24th, 20223:33 PM EST$247,246.45777 Deluxe
July 27th, 20221:45 AM EST$242,508.91Golden Buffalo
July 30th, 202211:51 AM EST$239,843.54Reels of Fortune
August 2nd, 20225:23 PM EST$239,520.32Reels of Fortune
August 5th, 20226:30 PM EST$242,182.14777 Deluxe
August 9th, 20221:51 PM EST$244,444.00Golden Buffalo 93
August 12th, 20229:35 PM EST$242,359.89Golden Buffalo 93
August 16th, 20221:20 PM EST$246,919.04Golden Buffalo
August 20th, 20227:56 AM EST$242,902.14A Night With Cleo
August 23rd, 20223:33 PM EST$242,014.13777 Deluxe
August 27th, 20222:47 AM EST$242,914.16Golden Buffalo
August 30th, 20226:34 PM EST$239,506.05Golden Buffalo
September 3rd, 202212:12 AM EST$243,693.79Reels of Fortune
September 7th, 20224:08 AM EST$242,660.86Reels of Fortune
September 10th, 20226:29 PM EST$246,298.90777 Deluxe
September 14th, 202210:17 AM EST$247,033.21Reels of Fortune
September 18th, 20222:58 AM EST$246,702.43A Night With Cleo
September 22nd, 202210:42 AM EST$247,817.83A Night With Cleo
September 26th, 20221:49 PM EST$241,160.31A Night With Cleo
September 30th, 202212:55 AM EST$247,429.70A Night With Cleo
October 2nd, 20221:45 AM EST$239,578.55Golden Buffalo
October 4th, 20223:17 AM EST$246,124.19777 Deluxe
October 5th, 20229:47 PM EST$246,331.11Golden Buffalo
October 8th, 20229:16 AM EST$239,886.34Golden Buffalo
October 11th, 20225:36 PM EST$243,865.77Golden Buffalo
October 14th, 202210:25 AM EST$240,654.71A Night With Cleo
October 17th, 20224:15 PM EST$244,967.40A Night With Cleo
November 5th, 20224:36 AM EST$239,769.59Golden Buffalo
November 8th, 20228:15 AM EST$246,885.70Golden Buffalo
November 11th, 202210:53 AM EST$243,714.34Golden Buffalo
November 13th, 202211:00 PM EST$244,768.77Golden Buffalo
November 16th, 202210:08 AM EST$243,818.71A Night With Cleo
November 19th, 20228:33 AM EST$245,359.45Reels of Fortune
November 22nd, 20226:16 PM EST$241,995.91Reels of Fortune

Hot Drop Jackpots FAQ

What is a must drop jackpot?

Must drop jackpots are simply another name for Hot Drop Jackpots. They are slots that give you a chance to win a jackpot within a certain timeframe or prize value. While there are only a few of these games right now, they are quickly increasing in popularity. Hot Drops are sure to become a staple jackpot at most casinos.

Which online slots have the highest payout?

The online slots that have the highest payouts are progressive jackpot slots like Gladiator and Mega Moolah. While Hot Drop Jackpots won't pay out as much as progressive slots, which could go months or years without a jackpot Sportsbook, they still give players the chance to win large casino jackpots.