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Formula 1 is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing racing sports in the world. With personalities like Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton, a circuit that spans across the globe, and some of the fastest cars ever made, F1 is a great sport to get involved in today.

While Formula 1 gains general interest across the world due to shows like Drive to Survive and well-known racers, F1 is also increasing as a betting sport and Odds Shark F1 has you covered for all you’ll need. From race day betting tips, to the best F1 sportsbooks, and breaking down all the statistics you’ll need for wagering on Formula 1, Odds Shark provides betting resources and F1 guides for it all.

How to find the Odds Shark F1 Betting Odds for You?

One of the most important aspects of betting on F1, or sports betting in general, is choosing the sportsbook that is right for you. With so many online sports betting options out there these days, finding a sportsbook with a variety of F1 options, good motorsports and deposit bonuses, and one that is available in your region is key to a great sports betting experience.

Our Formula 1 experts have reviewed and broken down all the top online sportsbooks to determine Odds Shark’s F1 betting sites of choice. Our top Formula 1 sportsbooks are Sportsbook and Sportsbook (depending on your location), but we also think Sportsbook is a great option for all motorsports betting. Maximizing your deposit bonus and special rewards at sportsbooks can be crucial for breaking a profit when wagering on sports like F1, so keep your eye out for Formula 1 bonuses at whatever book you play at most.

F1: Odds Shark Betting Approach

After nailing down a sportsbook, learning how to properly bet on F1 is where Odds Shark steps in. Odds Shark Formula 1 guides and pages break down specific betting trends, statistics, racer biographies, and more, but there are a few general terms and strategies to be aware of before diving in.

Odds Shark Formula 1 Terminology and Betting Slang

  • Podium: While the podium in an F1 race is specifically where the prizes to the top three racers of a Grand Prix are awarded, podium or “podium position” is often used to refer to the top three racers in a race. A podium bet would cash if the racer you wagered on finishes first, second, or third.
  • Pole Position: In Formula 1, pole position is the best starting position for a racing event.  At Odds Shark F1 and other betting sites with Formula 1 odds, you can often bet on who will win the pole position during the Saturday qualifying trials.
  • To-Win Bets: A to-win bet on an F1 race is the most common wager for a Grand Prix.  The Odds Shark Formula 1 odds and betting breakdowns will often feature strategies and picks for placing a to-win bet. As the name suggests, a To-Win bet is betting on who you will think will win a race (Lewis Hamilton is never a bad bet).
  • Drivers’ Championship: While a To-Win bet is the most common wager for a race, betting on the F1 Drivers’ Championship is the most popular futures bet for Odds Shark F1 bettors. The award is presented to the F1 driver who acquires the most points from Grand Prix races over the course of a Formula 1 season.
  • Constructors’ Championship: The Constructors’ Championship is another popular futures bet that Odds Shark Formula 1 breaks down every season. It is awarded to the manufacturer or team whose racers acquire the most points over an F1 season.
  • Safety Car: One of Odds Shark’s Formula 1 prop bets we most often turn to is if a safety car will appear in a race. A safety car is Odds usually skew to “yes,” but knowledge of a racetrack, conditions, and a race set up that you gain at Odds Shark Formula 1 can help you consistently nail this prop.
  • In Points:  Every F1 Grand Prix has a point system that go towards the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. Points are awarded to the top 10 finishers in each race, and you can try to find value at Odds Shark F1 every week for underdogs to sneak into the points.
  • Fastest Lap: One of the simpler prop bets for an F1 race, betting on who will have the fastest lap can keep a bettor involved in race all day long. Check out Odds Shark Formula 1 statistics and driver breakdowns to help inform your fastest lap wagers.

Where Can I Find More Formula 1 Odds Shark Guides?

Odds Shark Formula 1 resources can give you a leg up on the books every weekend and help you become the Lewis Hamilton of F1 wagering.

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Get Started With Formula 1 Today

With Odds Shark’s F1 resources and guides at your disposal all you have to do to start winning some cash betting on Formula 1 is to find the sportsbook that’s right for you. Choose the best betting site in your region and get betting today.