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Betting Odds Calculator: See What You’d Win

Sports betting is all about odds. You look at the action offered at your favorite sportsbook, handicap accordingly, and place your bets. With our bet calculator you can know exactly what you’d win before making your picks.

How to Use an Odds Calculator

No matter the type of bet you’re making, our calculator has you covered. First, you’ll need to enter your odds. The calculator offers four options: American (-500), Decimal (1.20), Fractional (1/5) and Implied (83.3%). The majority of betting sites offer each odds type, so it’s up to you to decide which you like best. Here at Odds Shark, we use the American style.

Next, enter the budgeted amount you want to bet with and our calculator will determine how much money you’ll win, and the total payout you’d receive. We have it set to $100, but you can input any amount you wish. Just make sure your bankroll can handle it.

Sports Betting Odds Calculator: Using Moneyline Odds

One of the most common bets is the moneyline. This is a straight-up (SU) bet where you would simply pick a winner. Let’s say you want to make an NFL wager and the Patriots are playing the Cowboys in an inter-conference matchup. The odds would look something like this:

New England -175

Dallas +220

If you want to lay down $50 on the Pats to win, you would input -175 in the American Odds section and 50 in the Bet Amount ($) section. You’ll see that you’d get a payout of $78.57 – your original $50 comes back along with your winnings of $28.57.

On the other hand, if you take that same $50 and put it on the Cowboys, you would input +220 in the American Odds area and 50 in the Bet Amount ($) space. Your payout would be $160 – you get your $50 back, coupled with your winnings of $110.

Totals, Point Spreads and Prop Odds

Besides SU bets, you can use our calculator tool for other gambling options.

Totals bets will be listed like this at the sportsbook:

Celtics vs Knicks

OVER 174.5 (-110)

UNDER 174.5 (-110)

In this case you would use the -110 to see how much you’d win based on the amount wagered.

For point spread bets, the odds would look like so:

Saints -2.5 (-105)

Falcons +2.5 (-115)

Here, you’d use -105 if you believe New Orleans will cover, or -115 for the Falcons to cover.

Props will appear like so at the betting site:

Team to Score First: Yankees vs Astros

New York +115

Houston -145

For this scenario, you would use +115 if you think the Yanks will score first, or -145 for the Stros.

You can also use this calculating tool for live betting and futures bets. Parlays are more intricate bets. We have a separate betting calculator for those.

e.g. -110

e.g. 2.0

e.g. 1/1

e.g. 50%

e.g. 100