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Every football handicapper can look at box scores or general betting trends. But, a diving into an NFL betting database with some solid analytics can take your wagering to the next level.

Our revitalized football database is a betting-specific look at historic NFL odds, head-to-head matchups, and everything else you'll need to improve your NFL picks

How To Use Our NFL Database

Our NFL betting database is a bit different after a recent revamp, making it more user-friendly and simpler to sort through results and trends.

Start typing the team name in the box and pick a suggestion. Do the same for the opponent field, or leave blank if it’s a team vs league-wide search. Make sure you touch each search box to ensure the results come back as accurately as possible.

Why Use Our NFL Database?

Each search query will yield ample NFL betting data, including the exact date of each contest, the game's final score, moneyline result and OVER/UNDER total. 

Our database helps NFL bettors go beyond the box score to find actionable betting insight. With the click of a few filters and the press of the search button, you can instantaneously obtain current or historic NFL betting trends that'll give you a leg up. 

Here are some examples of what you can look up:

NFL Team vs Div/Conf Data

  • How have the Patriots fared against other AFC East opponents this season?
  • Do the Ravens carry their AFC dominance into games vs NFC opponents?
  • Is there one team that stinks in road games vs divisional opponents but dominates at home?

Before/After Bye Data

  • How do the Jets do coming off a bye week?
  • Are the Texans good at home entering a bye week?

NFL Head-To-Head Data

  • How have the Bills fared against the Dolphins in December since 2005?
  • How do the Lions perform in the postseason? (Trick question!)
  • How do the Patriots fair as underdogs in the first month of the season?


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