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Betting on NFL with Odds Shark

Betting on the NFL remains by far the leading single driver of sports betting business. It's no surprise that America's hunger for the latest and best NFL point spreads continues to grow, along with National Football League updates and matchup data to help NFL bettors win more bets, and ultimately more money.

Learn to Bet on NFL at Odds Shark

The importance of online sports betting options such as NFL OVER/UNDER regular season win totals and other types of betting odds, like prop bets, live betting, and Super Bowl betting, has never been greater and thanks to authorities like us at Odds Shark, accessing NFL game information has never been easier, and faster.

Where Can I Find More NFL Gambling Guides?

You can get NFL lines on football games, including preseason games, updated almost as quickly as they happen through our NFL Odds page. We aggregate the feeds from the top online sportsbooks to pool a huge amount of data from all over the world.

For further NFL news and betting information, check out our NFL picks, top NFL betting sites, and more red zone resources.

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Odds Shark’s NFL Bible

Odds Shark goes full beast mode when it comes to wagering on the NFL. We knock out NFL news the same way we would with our UFC Fight Analysis. It doesn’t matter if it’s the AFC, NFC or KFC, our professional pigskin reports are finger licking good. Be like Lynch and taste the rainbow this NFL season with Odds Shark’s pot of pure gambling gold.

With wagering trends, the best in-play betting odds, and NFL Futures Odds from the finest football betting sites online, Odds Shark’s How to Bet on NFL tips and tutorials will score you more betting touchdowns than Partrick Mahomes. Don’t be blind-sided and fumble on other affiliates. Get in the NFL spread betting action, and bet like a Pro Bowler with odds and lines from

NFL Betting FAQ

How can I bet on the NFL?

There are many ways in which to bet on the National Football League. Our NFL betting guide has everything you need to know when it comes to learning how to bet on NFL games. Explore it all from NFL lines and odds, to the different types of NFL bets, and more.

Where can I find NFL schedules, scores and standings?

You can find NFL schedules and every result on our NFL Scores page. As far as NFL standings go, we have against the spread (ATS) NFL standings and betting records, as well as your standard NFL standings. Our ATS standings include Over/Under, ATS Home/Away, and ATS Favorite/Underdog, while the customary standings factor in Grass/Turf and Conference/Division.

Where can I find further information on NFL futures?

You can find further information regarding NFL futures on our NFL futures page. It has everything from Super Bowl futures, to Division and Conference futures. With further breakdowns on seasonal and performance futures, why lines move and what those line moves tell us, you’re sure to find all sorts of useful futures info.

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