NFL Football - Offensive Stats

Team Score FD RA RY PA PY TY Time PEN Penalty Yards Penalty Yards Rank YP YR Y/PL TO
San Francisco28.5522.4029.35138.2530.00257.95396.2031:285.8053.802712.804.716.471.05
Green Bay23.7920.0026.42114.9533.47233.37348.3229:425.9548.791910.794.355.671.05
LA Rams23.7220.7227.44117.3934.39245.56362.9430:455.1742.00911.454.285.691.00
New Orleans23.6519.8228.24102.4735.65234.71337.1831:105.6549.76229.833.635.111.06
Kansas City22.1921.0525.57109.3337.33248.62357.9530:545.3347.14189.944.285.551.52
League Average21.9019.3626.81112.8033.78220.42333.2230:095.6746.73010.
Tampa Bay21.2118.2125.4290.3733.95233.58323.9529:355.7942.581010.773.555.231.05
LA Chargers20.3518.7625.3596.6537.18232.71329.3528:564.6542.65119.673.815.061.24
Las Vegas19.5317.1824.2990.7132.76198.82289.5328:344.4137.0029.713.734.871.41
NY Jets15.7615.2922.8296.8835.35171.71268.5929:097.2955.59298.204.244.341.94
NY Giants15.6515.7126.71110.2430.47169.76280.0029:335.2441.8288.544.134.501.12
New England13.8815.3524.4195.7132.76180.53276.2428:025.2439.7658.743.924.601.71

NFL Stats

You can click the headings of each row to re-sort that category. For example, to see the teams ranked by Total Yards, click the TY heading and get this result. When you can learn that one NFL team has the fewest turnovers per game and they are playing the team with the second-most turnovers per game, that is an important NFL stat when you visit the odds pages. Check the NFL stats legend at the bottom of the page for explanations of the various NFL offensive statistics categories.

Offensive Rankings Stat Categories
  • Score - Self-explanatory - the highest-scoring NFL team will be at the top and the lowest-scoring team at the bottom. You will see the League Average as well.
  • Y/PL - Yards per Play - a key handicapping indicator that indicates how many yards each NFL team gets per play. Teams at the top typically score more points, generate first downs and win. Teams at the bottom struggle with time of possession and are often regular losers.
  • FD - First Downs - which NFL team gets the most first downs. Not always an indicator of time of possession or victories (the 2012 Cardinals started 3-0 while ranking 27th in first downs).
  • RA - Rushing Attempts - which NFL team runs the ball more than all the others.
  • RY - Rushing Yards - rankings of best NFL rushing teams.
  • YR - Yards per Rush - important NFL betting stat, but is sometimes misleading early in the regular season if a team has faced a poor run defense or a player has busted out a 98-yard TD run.
  • PA - Passing Attempts - most NFL passing attempts per game.
  • PY - Passing Yards - most passing yards per team, ranked by each NFL team.
  • YP - Yards per Pass - which NFL teams average the most yards per pass.
  • Time - Time of Possession - which NFL teams have the best time of possession stats? This is an important category and usually means rushing yards and first downs also rank high for this team. It is often a key win indicator.
  • TO - Turnovers - which NFL teams commit the fewest turnovers? Which NFL teams turn it over most often?
  • Pen - Penalties - This is an overall ranking of which NFL teams take the most penalties (it is NOT broken down by offensive or defensive penalties.

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