ATP Odds: Men's Professional Tennis Betting Lines and Spreads

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ATP Odds Legend

With ATP World Tour events taking place throughout the calendar year, ATP odds are some of the most liquid betting markets available among the top tennis sportsbooks online. Tennis bettors can wager on the most prestigious tournaments on the ATP Tour such as Grand Slam events like Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open, among other ATP 1000, ATP 500 and ATP 250 events.

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ATP Odds - Point Spread

In tennis point spread betting, the underdog is provided with a point advantage by the oddsmakers so that there is a more level betting field. A point spread of 3.5 means the favorite would have to win by four games in order to cover the spread, whereas the underdog would have to not lose by more than three games for a winning wager.

Point Spread Betting

ATP Odds - Moneyline

The majority of the action in tennis odds is the moneyline, where tennis bettors wager on who they believe will win the match outright. There are never any ties in tennis matches, which means there must always be a Sportsbook. ATP moneyline bets are when you pick between one of two tennis players to win straight up.

Betting on the Moneyline

ATP Odds - Totals Or OVER/UNDER

Tennis totals allow bettors to wager on whether the total number of games or sets played in a match will go OVER or UNDER the amount set by the sportsbook. If you believe a tennis match will exceed 3.5 total sets, then you would bet the OVER. If you think the match will be over in straight sets, you would bet the UNDER.


ATP Odds - Futures

Tennis futures are when you wager on the Sportsbook of a tournament weeks or months in advance of that particular event taking place. Futures bets are typically placed on major tennis tournaments with Australian Open odds, French Open odds, Wimbledon odds, and US Open odds available.

Future Betting Lines


How do ATP odds work?

The main tennis betting markets to wrap your head around when beginning with tennis betting online are moneyline betting, point spread betting, totals or Over/Under betting, and futures betting. With the moneyline, you pick a Sportsbook. With point spreads, you try to cover the spread. Totals have you wager on the number of games or sets, and futures allow you to make bets long before any tournament takes place.

How are ATP odds determined?

ATP odds are determined by sportsbooks that analyze the probability and odds of all tennis betting markets offered. Analysts calculate the probabilities of a player winning every point in a match. Service percentages, playing style, and court surfaces are assessed to estimate probabilities from first set to outright Sportsbooks. These probabilities are derived from simulations of player data throughout the season, and are used to determine fair pre-match odds.

What does 20.5 mean?

Over/Under game totals often display tennis odds of 20.5 or 22.5 for most best-of-three set tennis matches. If a tennis player wins in straight sets 6-2 6-2, and you bet the under, you would win your wager as only 16 games were played. If a tennis player wins in three sets 6-2 4-6 6-3, an OVER bet would win where there were 27 games played.

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