NCAAB Consensus Picks: Public Betting Trends 2023-24

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NCAAB Public Betting Trends

Knowing how to bet on the NCAAB is just one piece of the puzzle -- to be a wise handicapper, you need to understand how the public has bet on certain games. Public betting trends help you make smarter college basketball picks and cover the spread.

Instead of making a bet you’re unsure of and crossing your fingers so hard they fall off, review NCAAB public consensus betting data and money percentages to see if you're fading the public or going with the flow. You need your fingers, especially if you’re using a mobile app to place your college basketball best bets.

What are NCAAB Consensus Picks?

The consensus info in these tables is sometimes referred to as betting percentages. For example, you might see that 80% of the public is in favor of Gonzaga's moneyline against UCLA. This consensus shows you a majority of bettors think the Bulldogs are the team to wager on -- UCLA's Bruins would only represent 20% of all moneyline bets.

Now, what should you do with that information and how does it impact your handicapping? Rest assured, we've got you covered from trends to expert picks. Read on and learn about the benefits of taking the road less traveled -- well, the bet less placed, I guess.


Betting With Or Against The Public

Seeing how the public has bet on NCAAB games can help you decide how you want to bet in turn. If you agree with the public, then you can bet with them, but fading the public is a growing strategy that involves going against the grain and picking bets in the minority.

Simply put, sports bettors tend to favor their favorite teams or those with a lot of name recognition. It's a simple human bias that chooses a team to bet on, not an in-depth handicapping analysis. That's why fading the public is so popular; the more the public bets on one team, the higher the other team's odds will go. You can take advantage of these line movements by choosing the team in the minority for a higher potential payout.

However you interpret the data, knowing the NCAAB betting consensus gives you critical information on daily NCAAB odds and matchups.

March Madness Public Betting Trends

We'd be just negligent if we let an NCAAB article go by without mentioning one of the most thrilling tournaments in sport. When it comes time for March Madness to roll around, you'll find public consensus data for every matchup -- whether you're rocking a pick on a 16th-seed underdog or rolling with the favorite, it's sure to live up to its name.

Find a few of our favorite March Madness betting sites here, as well as a How to Bet on March Madness guide if it's your first time dipping a toe into the insanity that is the NCAA playoffs.

Contributing to the NCAAB Consensus

You'll be encouraged to add your own opinion and prediction to the discussion by clicking on the matchup report links. Tell us which side of the NCAAB point spread or total you're picking and that tally goes into the database to be shared with the community.

Together, all college basketball bettors can produce a definitive consensus percentage that will help everyone make smarter bets.

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