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The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is an exciting annual League of Legends event, where the best of each region’s Spring Split competes at an international tournament. 

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It’s a great chance to see how teams fare against one another for the first time each year and gives us some insight into what we may see at the world championship. When it comes to wagering, it’s one of the best events in terms of variety, as you can find bets on just about everything in the game.


Moneyline’s are one of the most popular wagering options at MSI. They’re straightforward as all a moneyline requires is picking the Sportsbook of the match, and go hand in hand with the fast-paced best of one format that is played for the majority of the event.

The best thing about moneyline bets is that all that matters is the Sportsbook, and there’s usually quite a bit of value, especially when betting on an underdog.

You can see which team is favored and which is the underdog by looking at the odds, which are represented by two numbers. One team will have positive odds (for example +111), while another will have negative (for example -175). The positive team is the underdogs and the negative is the favorite.

This means you’ll win more betting on the underdog, as positive odds indicate how much more you’d earn by betting $100, while negative odds tell you how much you need to bet to earn $100. In this example, betting on the underdog would net an extra $111, while you’d need to bet $175 on the favorite to win $100.

Of course, these odds will differ heavily from match to match and all depend on the strength of each team. Betting on the moneyline can add an extra bit of excitement to a match and at MSI, you can always expect to see some upsets.


Spreads are wagers based on the number of points in a game and can be placed either as an advantage or disadvantage for a team.

At MSI, you’ll likely see two different types of spreads, one for kills, which you’ll find for each match, and one for maps, which you’ll only find in the playoffs.

Both types are fairly straightforward. When it comes to kills, one team will have an advantage, while another a disadvantage. You may see something like team A +12.5 kills, team B -12.5 kills.

What this means, is that team A starts the match on 12.5 kills, and as long as they remain at least 12.5 kills ahead, a bet on this would win. Meanwhile, team B starts at -12.5 kills and would need to finish the match 13 or more kills ahead for the match to win.

As you can imagine, the underdog would be the one with the advantage, as they are expected to lose and thus die more, and the favorite would see the disadvantage. Keep in mind, in this type of bet, only the kills matter, and not the result of the match itself.

The other type of spread you might see is called a map spread. This would only apply to best of three or best of five series, and would give either an advantage or disadvantage in maps. You’d likely see something like this: team A +1.5 maps, team B -1.5 maps.

Once again this means that the positive team starts one map ahead, while the negative starts one map behind. As such, if it was a best of three match, the positive team would only need to win once for the bet to win, while the negative would need to secure a clean 2-0.


Similar to spreads, totals and OVERs/Unders are a betting option that does not directly depend on the outcome of the match.

Instead, these types of MSI bets are based around the objectives and actions within the game, like kills, tower kills, and dragons or barons slain. You’ll find OVER/UNDER options for all of these and can pick if you think there will be more or fewer than the Sportsbook expects.

For example, you might find something like total towers destroyed OVER/UNDER 12.5. You can then pick one of the two and your bet will depend solely on the number of towers destroyed. If you pick OVER 12.5 that means you’d win if at least 13 are destroyed, while if you picked UNDER 12.5 you’d win if 12 or fewer are destroyed.


Last but not least come futures bets. These are wagers based on picking the overall Sportsbook of MSI - all that matters is who wins that all-important grand final. You can usually bet on this throughout the event, but the odds will be constantly shifting as results come in and teams are showing their form.

This is always a tough but very rewarding wagering option, as it’s almost impossible to predict a Sportsbook, creating very high odds. The favorite might even see odds as high as +400 as MSI has proven that everyone can be dethroned.

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While futures can be exciting and rewarding, keep in mind that you’ll tie up your money until the event ends.

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