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Best Sites to Bet on Politics

We’re told to keep politics out of the office and away from the dinner table, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make a little coin from it. Betting on politics can be an entertaining way to make smart wagers. Unlike sports betting, the stakes are different with political bets since there’s no team stats, bad coaching decisions to consider, or weather to factor in before a game. Here, we’ll let you into the world of making shrewd political wagers with the best places to bet on politics, strategies and types of bets you can make.

Where to Bet on Politics
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Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Politics

At OddsShark, we value trust and would only recommend online betting sites that we feel are safe, secure and not staffed by Russian bots. Any of the sportsbooks we list above provide the perfect platform for betting on politics. The best places to bet on politics are sportsbooks that we advocate because you know they’ve been vetted, just like a mayoral candidate.

How to Bet on Politics

Betting on politics is a little different than betting on sports. You don’t have as many wagering options as you wound if you were betting on an NFL or English Premier League game, but you still have three great bet types to make.

Straight Up

The straight up bet or the moneyline bet is the type of political bet that involves you picking a winner. Let’s use fictional politicians from The West Wing for this example. Democratic Candidate Matt Santos is up against Republican candidate Arnold Vinick. The favorite in this case is Arnold Vinick due to his age and experience in the US senate. If you wanted to bet on Santos to win, you would be betting on the underdog. Spoiler alert – Santos wins and becomes President of the United States. If you had taken Vinick in this race you would’ve lost. However, had you wagered on Santos you would’ve won your moneyline bet.

Spread Betting

In sports you’re able to bet that one team would win or lose by a certain number of points. For political betting, you can do the same. Instead of a number of points, you would bet a percentage. Again, let’s take a fictional example from The West Wing. When Democratic POTUS Jed Bartlett is up for re-election, his Republican opponent is Robert Ritchie. If you were to place a spread bet you would be betting that Bartlett would beat Ritchie by a certain percentage or vice versa.

Prop Bets

The best sportsbooks for political betting usually give you the ability to make prop wagers. Prop bets are wagers like:

  • Who will be X’s running mate?
  • Who will be the primary candidates in the next election?
  • How long will the debate be between Candidate X and Candidate Y?

For example, let’s look again to The West Wing. When Matt Santos’ running mate, Leo McGarry, passed away on election night, a prop bet would’ve been, “Who will replace Leo McGarry as VP on the ticket?” The choices were Governor Eric Baker (D-Pennsylvania) and Congresswoman (Carol Gelsey D-Florida). If you chose Governor Baker over Congresswoman Gelsey, you would win your prop bet.

Political Betting Handicapping

Like with sports betting, political wagers can be handicapped as well. Before you visit the best sportsbooks for betting on politics to wager on your candidate of choice, consider some of the following. Don’t worry, this section is free of West Wing references.


In the case of Donald Trump, scandals did not deter the American people from voting for him. However, scandals usually do make a candidate less appealing to voters. If any candidate is involved in a scandal, you can determine if you think the scandal is big enough to hurt or help them in their electoral race. Social media also plays into this because in the age of political meddling online from foreign adversaries, some of the so-called scandals a candidate is involved in may not be fact-based. Some people refer to this as “fake news”.


In baseball, if a pitcher is coming off Tommy John surgery, there’s a chance their first few starts will be rocky. In politics, if a candidate looks unwell or even so much as sniffs funny during a debate, voters will take that into consideration. Look for cancelled campaign appearances as insight into a candidate’s health.


You should look to see who is the better leader in the race you’re betting on. If a candidate is trustworthy, confident and appears calm and collected when speaking in public, it’s quite possible that they’re going to win their race. In a televised debate between Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960, Nixon spent most of the debate sweating uncontrollably. Kennedy, however, was cool as a Cape Cod “cucumbah” and this is believed to have helped him win the election. The same thing happened in Canadian politics when then-candidate Justin Trudeau was collected and even-keeled during a debate between him and the other candidates.

Voting System

Each country has a different voting system. It’s important to look at the rules and regulations of the system in the country where the election is taking place. In African nations, political systems are vastly different than they are in the United Kingdom. The American political system varies from the Canadian one etc.

Campaign promises

What is the candidate promising? Is it something that the public needs or is it a frivolous expense to tax payers like *cough cough* a border wall? Does it seem like the candidate will deliver on his campaign promises? Wishy-washy candidates who promise outlandish things like free hats for dogs usually don’t stand a chance.

Basic Strategies and Tips
  • Use a safe and trustworthy sportsbook like any of the ones we recommend above
  • Political odds will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook so having multiple accounts at different books can give you an advantage
  • Ensure you read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonuses or rewards