Best Western Union Betting Sites: Sportsbooks That Take Western Union

Western Union is a money transfer company with offices in every major city in the world. In the US, their black-on-yellow logo can be found in malls and business districts throughout the country. This is one of the surest ways of getting your money deposited at the offshore sports betting sites which serve the US, and you don’t even have to provide a credit card or bank account information to make a deposit.

This article covers the best Western Union betting sites from several angles. First of all, you’ll find out how you can deposit money with this system – which involves several separate steps. After that we have outlined how to make sure that the offshore betting site you are depositing into is a trusted and legitimate operator.

Finally, some of the key things which differentiate the Western Union sportsbooks are covered, to help you choose the right Western Union gambling site for your personal needs. Odd Shark’s expert review of the best online gambling sites accepting Western Union deposits and withdrawals clarifies any questions or concerns pertaining to the popular money transfer service.

Best Western Union Betting Sites Online

How to Deposit at Western Union Betting Sites

This is a multi-stage process. The big advantage is that at the end of it you are certain to have made your deposit successfully. Other US deposit methods do get declined (usually by US banks). As you will see from the process below, transferring to an individual helps avoid this situation.

You’ll need a player account at your betting site first of all. This should be easy to set up, with just a simple email verification step needed. After that you need to get in touch with the customer support staff at your sportsbook and ask them to help you arrange a Western Union deposit.

They will give you the name and location of the recipient of your Western Union transfer, which will usually be an individual collecting the money on their behalf. They will also give you a tracking number which you can send along with your wire.

Next you locate your closest branch office, and the cashier there will wire your money. There is a charge for this (that is how the Western Union business operates). Some betting sites will refund these fees for deposits over a certain amount. You’ll get a 10-digit transaction number along with your receipt, and will normally need to email this number to your site to help reconcile the transaction.

If your transaction is during working hours and things go smoothly, you can have the money in your betting account in just a couple of hours. Sometimes it can be a little slower than this.

Some (though by no means all) betting sites will also allow you to withdraw using Western Union’s system. This can take up to three days to arrange, and you’ll then go to your closest branch and pick up the cash.

Checking That Western Union Betting Sites Are Legitimate

US sports bettors are served by sites which are based either in the Caribbean or Central America. There are many long-running and entirely reputable brands out there, though it can still make sense to do some checks up front to make sure you are depositing at a legitimate Western Union betting site.

The first thing we look for is a license. These are issued by many jurisdictions, including Costa Rica, Panama, Netherlands Antilles and Antigua. While a license alone is not enough to completely trust a site, the lack of one means you should not be depositing.

We like to see badges and certifications that any gambling activities like poker or online casino games at a site are externally tested for game-fairness. A responsible gambling policy and several different recognized payment methods are also good signs. It is a sportsbook's reputation for fast and no-hassle payouts that is the strongest sign. If there are no major complaints or scandals highlighted online and your gambling site has more than five year’s reputation you can feel a lot more confident about depositing.

What to Look Out for at Western Union Betting Sites

Once you have found legitimate online sportsbooks, it is time to compare the benefits and features and see which site is the best for you. There are several criteria to look at here. Remember, it makes sense to join multiple books, as this will allow you to shop for the best lines and have a choice of the many different bet types.

Bonuses are top of our list. All the books have a welcome bonus, usually in the form of a percentage of your first deposit. Don’t forget to check the play-through requirements, as these can vary widely between the books.

Most books will have the main bets on the big-4 US sports. If you want to enjoy sports outside of NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA then you’ll need to be a little more selective. College sports, international sports and areas like motor-racing and golf is covered more in-depth at some betting sites than others.

Finally, make sure you find a betting site that offers you competitive lines. Over time, deposit bonuses and promotions alone will not make up for those small differences in the spreads that make the difference between a winning and losing wager.

Western Union Betting Sites FAQ

Where can I bet with Western Union?

Western Union is one of the more niche banking options for making deposits on betting sites. There are, however, a few different sportsbooks options for Western Union users. Odds Shark suggests that Western Union bettors wager on Sportsbook or Sportsbook. Sportsbook is an easy-to-use sportsbook that provides a massive variety of wagering options and free-play rewards.

Can I withdraw money to Western Union on betting sites?

Some betting sites, but not all, will allow users to withdraw money using Western Union's system. Like deposits, if things go smoothly, you can have the money out of your betting account in just a few hours. For maximum efficiency, make all banking transactions on most betting sites during working hours.

How do I win a bet every time?

There is no guaranteed way to bet on sports and win every time, but if you want to bet for profit you should be aware of daily transactions, and follow guides and betting trends. Odds Shark has compiled many different betting guides, including a how to bet on basketball and how to bet on American football guide, to help bettors out.

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