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Best College Football Betting Sites

College Football is a powerhouse in the sports betting industry due to its massive fan base and size of its conferences. To put things into perspective, Division 1 has 11 conferences alone; meaning there are plenty of betting opportunities during College Football season. The significant popularity of NCAA Football, the sport’s ability to pack stadiums and its loyal, devoted fans keep it in competition with the NFL for viewership. 

Top College Football Betting Sites
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Best College Football Websites for Betting

Choosing the best online sportsbooks for College Football betting is important so it’s important to do your research. Or, let us do the research for you and select a sportsbook from the ones we mention above. Each of those books has been tried and tested by the OddsShark experts, so you know the sites we recommend are safe. If you’re looking for the best College Football websites for betting, look at the ones we mention and you’re sure to find at least one sportsbook that suits your wagering needs.

Singing up at a Sportsbook to Bet on College Football

You now have enough info at your disposal to start betting on College Football. The last step in this process is to sign up at the sportsbook of your choice. Creating an account takes a few minutes and you’ll need to have your deposit information handy. The top sportsbooks we mention here take everything from Bitcoin to PayPal to debit to credit cards. Once you’ve created your account and set up your deposit method of choice, look at the bonus options. Some sportsbooks will offer a Welcome Bonus which will match a percentage of your first deposit up to a certain amount. For example, a bonus could be something like a 100% match of your first deposit up to $250.

College Football Online Betting

If you’re already a College Football fan and are familiar with the teams, conferences and players, you’re off to a great start like Boise State in 2002. As stated above, the league is huge, which could be overwhelming to some bettors when trying to figure out which team to wager on. Having access to NCAA Football odds and picks can help if you’re not overly familiar with every statistic or player in the league. Below, we are going to explain a few different types and options for College Football betting to help you decide which wager is best for you. There are three forms of basic straight bets in regards to College Football:

Point Spread

This type of betting on College Football works exactly like it does in the NFL. A point spread is set by oddsmakers to generate betting interest for each side. In point spread betting, the underdog is given a set amount that they can’t lose by, whereas the favorite has to win by a certain amount. Some College Football matchups are extremely uneven which would result in a much larger point spread. For example, if a game has a spread of +14 for Auburn and -14 for Alabama, that would mean the Crimson Tide is favorited for the matchup and the Tigers are a 14-point underdog. Basically, Auburn is given 14 points before the game even begins because it is assumed that the Tigers won’t be able to pull off a win. For those betting on Alabama, the Crimson Tide would have to win by more than 14 points. For Auburn bettors to win, the Tigers would have to win or lose the game by less than 14 points.


When betting the totals (also called OVER/UNDER), you will need to decide if the total number of combined points in the game will be over or under the oddsmaker’s selected number. College Football scoring is typically higher than the NFL because the clock stops after every first down, and players only need one foot inbounds for the catch to count. NCAA Football totals will usually be within the 55 to 70-point range, but can go higher if the oddsmaker feels the game will be a high-scoring affair. In 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland by 220 points. It was a really big deal at the time because it was before Netflix and the people of Atlanta had nothing to do except watch the game. Nowadays, you won’t see blowouts of that magnitude but oddsmakers will sometimes set the numbers higher than 70 points if they believe LSU is going to put on a clinic against Texas A&M.


Moneyline bets in College Football are a simpler way to bet. To make a moneyline bet, you have to select the team you believe will win the matchup. Let’s say TCU is playing Baylor. If you choose the Horned Frogs – which are actually lizards but we’re not here for a lesson in zoology – to win and they do, you win your bet. However, if the Bears win, you won’t win your moneyline bet.

Other form of College Football Bets

All sports betting is a form of entertainment, but if you’re looking for a bigger payout or wagers that could be considered more fun than traditional bets, College Football offers other wagering options like parlays, teasers, live betting, props and futures.


College Football parlay betting is played with point spreads, totals, moneylines or a combination of all three. A parlay consists of multiple bets combined into one large bet. In order for you to win your parlay bet, all teams selected must win. If even one selected team suffers a loss, your whole parlay ticket loses too. Learn more about College Football Parlay Betting here.


Teasers allow you to adjust the point spread or totals line to be more in your favor. College Football teasers can range from 6 points all the way up to 20 points depending on the sportsbook. Teasers betting is fairly similar to parlay wagers in that you select multiple teams to bet on and must have all wagers correct in order to receive a payout.

Live Betting

Live betting is becoming more and more popular in every sport. Available at a variety of excellent sportsbooks, live betting markets for College Football include live spreads, totals, moneyline, player and team props, and the results of each drive and play.


Prop bets in College Football can be placed on player and team statistics such as total number of passing and receiving yards during a game. For instance, if you think Michigan’s quarterback is going to attain a certain number of passing yards during their game against Ohio State – excuse us, THE Ohio State – you can turn that into a prop bet.


Futures in College Football are heavily centered on the Division 1 Championship Game. However, some sportsbooks offer other options such as the Heisman Trophy winner or conference champions. For example, you could bet on which two teams you think will make it to the Rose Bowl or who will win the Big 10 Championship.

Basic Strategies and Tips
  • Only use one of the safe and trustworthy sportsbooks we reference
  • Look for bonuses and rewards since they can help finance your bets
  • Make sure to read the terms and conditions before using bonuses and rewards
  • There are multiple games on at the same time, so check out our College Football Scores page to keep up with your bets