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Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100 To Win ATS Total O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$572$1066$201
$ Units (Closing)-$818$470$343
Record (Opening)13 - 1720 - 7 - 315 - 11 - 4
Record (Closing)13 - 1715 - 9 - 616 - 11 - 3

What Does The Picks Table Mean?

The table demonstrates the records for the last 100 games played in La Liga. You’ll benefit from using this data when making your La Liga predictions. It may seem confusing at first but once you understand how to interpret the data, you’ll be a pro. Don’t worry, we explain everything below.


$ Of Units Sportsbook/Closing

Where you see the dollar sign ($), it means the number of the profit or loss based on a bettor making a $100 bet on each of the last 100 La Liga matches generated by the computer on the Sportsbook and closing lines. The win that is based on moneyline bets is shown where it says “To Win.”

Moneyline or straight-up bets are picks you make on one team to win. For instance, if Celta Vigo is playing Leganes and you pick Celta to win and they do, you win your wager. On the other hand, if Leganes wins, you’d lose your moneyline bet.

Another term you’ll see is “ATS.” This means “against the spread” and demonstrates the win based on picks that are made opposing the spread. The spread is the number oddsmakers use to give bettors more wagering options besides wins and losses. The spread in La Liga would be something like .5 or 1.5 and indicates that one team would need to win the match by at least 1 or 2 goals. Or, the other club would have to win, or lose by no more than 2 goals. If not, your bet won’t cover the spread. You won’t win if the spread isn’t covered.

“Total O/U” or totals betting is the amount won on OVER or UNDER picks. For La Liga, the OVER/UNDER is whatever will affect the outcome of the match like injuries (actual injuries, not “injuries” that occur during the match), weather conditions (especially the wind) and how good or bad each team is on offense and defense.

Record Sportsbook/Closing

Here at Odds Shark, we want you to be able to make your La Liga picks without stressing out. To help you with this, we list wins first, losses second, while pushes and ties are listed third. “ATS” is the record based on predictions made against the spread (as we explored above). “To Win” shows the record supported by moneyline bets (we also talked about this above). “Total O/U” means the record on OVER or UNDER picks (also touched on above). 

Looking For Expert Picks On La Liga?

All our computer only cares about is data which is how it is able to make La Liga picks. La Liga is one of the top international football (soccer) leagues and our computer-generated picks give you optimal choices on how to cover the spread for every game and make intelligent bets.

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