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If the poker boom is over, why is it that online poker traffic continues to grow and why is it that more efforts to legalize and regulate the game continue in the USA? And why does the World Series of Poker continue to set records year after year?

It’s simple – poker is a great game, it’s here to stay and if you play your cards right, you can turn a healthy profit playing the game.

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In the United States, legalized online poker is making headway in Nevada and expected to expand in 2013. In the interim, one of the best remaining poker room options is Bovada which offers mammoth bonuses and a style that favors new players.

But before you start shuffling those online cards to deal up some hands, you need to find a good poker site to play at. This is not as easy as it sounds as they can vary considerably in their quality, traffic and bonuses.

Perhaps the safest way is to use a good online resource like this which tracks and reviews hundreds of sites to provide poker players with an informed choice. However, if you do want to find your own poker site, then you should look for the following:

What to Look For in a Poker Site
  • Solid sign-up bonuses that don't leave you in the cold.
  • A wide range of deposit options, as well as quick and easy withdrawals.
  • Plenty of traffic so there is no waiting for a game.
  • Lots of promotions and freerolls to help you build your bankroll.

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Get Ready to Play

With that preamble over, many current players are looking to polish their game and many curious new players are trying to learn the best way to crack into a game. How do you play Texas Hold’em? What are the odds of winning if you have a pocket pair and when is it a smart idea to fold your hand?

Our poker experts, players who have rubbed elbows with the pros in Vegas and at World Series of Poker tables, provide some beginner and intermediate insight into winning at online poker. Check out the poker odds of hundreds of scenarios happening and then check out the list of online poker tournaments and whopping bonus offers (some topping the $600 mark!) available to new players.

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