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Have you ever wondered how the Argonauts do as a double-digit favorite in July? How do the Elks perform when they’re listed as the underdog? Do the Alouettes cover the spread when playing on the road? With our CFL Odds and Handicapping Database, you can find this information and more to help you make smart picks. 

How to Use the CFL Database

Choose your team and pick your data. Do you want to know how teams preform head-to-head or vs their division? Do you want to see how a team plays when they’re considered the underdog in the postseason? You can find everything you need to help shape your wagers when you use Odds Shark’s CFL Odds and Handicapping Database. 

For accurate results, make sure you get specific. For example, if you want to know how well the Blue Bombers have played against the Stampeders, you would use the Head-to-Head database. Select Winnipeg as the Team and Saskatchewan the Opponent. Select the number of games you want to use as a base, choose the month (or select ANY if you want general stats), choose the type of game, select where, choose favorite or underdog, enter the range and you’re good to go.

Our CFL Database is a handy tool designed to help you with your football handicapping. For an expert tutorial on how to use any of our many databases, check out our Odds Databases explanation page.

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