NCAAF Football Betting Trends - December, 2023

NCAAF Betting Trends

College football betting trends let you see how teams have performed historically in specific situations. Some NCAAF betting trends are simply interesting facts that you can use in a game of Trivial Pursuit, while the rest are great handicapping tools you can use to shape your college football wagers.

Betting trends for college football show you things like:

  • • How a team performs against the spread at home
  • • How a team performs against the spread as a favorite
  • • How a team does when playing against a conference rival
  • • How a team performs as a double-digit underdog

The NCAA football betting trends listed above are considered good handicapping information. However, you should be wary of NCAAF football betting trends like the ones we list below. These might be fun facts, but won’t give you any insight into how your chosen NCAA football team could perform in its upcoming matchup.

College Football Betting Trends

Avoid NCAAF betting trends like these:

  • • How a team does when its wearing white uniforms against a non conference opponent in December 
  • • How a team does when its mascot performs a stunt before the game
  • • How a team performs on a day game after a solar eclipse
  • • How a team does when its coach yells at the refs more than once in the second quarter

These NCAAF trends are great if you’re compiling a list of things that won’t affect the way you bet on college football. But if you’re trying to make an educated wager on a game between Cincinnati and East Carolina, it doesn’t matter if the Bearcats outscore opponents after a solar eclipse because that trend is based on events that don’t occur every season.

It also doesn’t matter if the Pirates’ head coach screams at the referees seven times during the second quarter ... because he’s not going to do that every game. College football trends are based on a specific sample size of games a team plays, not one-off  -- or two-off occurrences.

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