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On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the most exciting two minutes in sport will take place. For horse bettors, that 120 seconds can mean the difference between a huge payday or a devastating loss. We want your Kentucky Derby online betting to be successful.

Be sure to check out all of our Kentucky Derby news for this year’s race, including the best racebooks, odds, picks, a Kentucky Derby betting guide and more.

Kentucky Derby Betting Online

Where To Bet On The Kentucky Derby

With horse racing being one of the oldest sports to bet on, there’s no shortage of places to wager on the Kentucky Derby. That’s why our team of experts have reviewed all of the top reputable racebooks online, so that you can find the perfect fit for your Kentucky Derby betting needs.

Find The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Once you sign up and register with one of the top racebooks, not only will you have access to all of the best Kentucky Derby bets, but you will also receive an exclusive deposit bonus to get you started. Each Kentucky Derby betting site has its own unique offers, so visit our Kentucky Derby betting websites and find a racebook that works best for you.

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds

Before you go betting on the Kentucky Derby, you first need to do your research. With our odds for the Kentucky Derby, you can see which horses are favored to win this year’s Run for the Roses, as well as some underdogs that might just pull off an upset. Get odds on the Kentucky Derby today, and find your best bet for this year’s big race.

Picks For The Kentucky Derby

Torn between horses? Overthinking your pick? Or just flat-out don’t have a clue? Don’t worry, because we supply you with all of the top picks for this year’s Kentucky Derby bets. We have the best Kentucky Derby betting trends, as well as expert insight on everything Kentucky Derby 2022. Analyze our Derby picks today, and see where your money should be placed.

How To Bet On The Run For The Roses

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse racing event in the world with 20 steeds vying for the title. That doesn’t mean you have to handicap all 20 horses, though. It all depends on the type of wager you’re making. Our Kentucky Derby betting guide will help you find your best bet and pick a Sportsbook on race day. Explore our comprehensive Kentucky Derby betting tutorial for more tips and strategies.

More Kentucky Derby News

The Run for the Roses happens at the historic Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. There are plenty of noteworthy facts and tidbits on the Derby that only enhance the excitement and wonder surrounding the grand spectacle. For instance, the Kentucky Derby is a race reserved for three-year-old stallions (males) but there is also a second race, the Kentucky Oaks, in which three-year-old foals (females) race.

The Sportsbooks of the Kentucky Derby are awarded a trophy weighing approximately 3.5 pounds, while the blanket of roses draped over the winning horse weighs in at about 40 pounds. Not only do the Sportsbooks receive the flashy mantel pieces, but of course they are awarded prize money – a cool $1.86 million, to be exact. Second-place finishers are awarded $600,000, third place gets $300,000, fourth takes home $150,000 and fifth place walks away with a modest $90,000. 

In excess of $150 million has been wagered on some past renditions of the Kentucky Derby. Get in on that grand total this year and take home some winnings on the biggest horse race of the season.

Kentucky Derby Betting FAQ

When Is The Kentucky Derby?

The 149th running of the Kentucky Derby is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2023. The Kentucky Derby is run on a dirt track at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, where it has been held since its inaugural running all the way back in 1875. The 1 1/4-mile (10 furlongs) race kicks off the American Triple Crown of horse racing.

What Is The Kentucky Derby’s Role Within The Triple Crown?

The Triple Crown consists of three horse races: The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. Any horse that wins all three of these prestigious races is the Triple Crown winner. You can places bets on each horse race individually or you can bet on one horse to win all three races.

How Much Does The Winner Of The Kentucky Derby Get?

The Kentucky Derby purse, what the winners are awarded, is around $3 million in total. The winner takes home $1.86 million, second place gets $600,000, third place gets $300,000, fourth place receives $150,000, while fifth place gets $90,000. There is a lot at stake, which is why the payout is so large.