Mitch Bannon

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Toss some sports on the television and I’ll watch it. From baseball to hockey
to any form of football, or even the lumberjack World Championships on
ESPN4, I’ve been watching and writing about sports my entire

I’ve bounced around from Toronto, Montreal, and Syracuse, NY the last few
years, so I have I have an intimate knowledge of mediocre hockey, botched
rebuilds, and six-win college football teams. My expertise is more on the
combination of narrative and numbers though, as I look to use both in my
work and my bets—with varying success on both fronts.

Here at Odds Shark, I’ve written about most sports but mostly cover college
football, NFL, and MLB these days. It’s probably also important to note I’m a
three-time (and counting) champion of our staff picks contest, looking to rack
up a few more titles.

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