Michel Anderson


Minimum Mitch! No unit shaming here. My betting units are the absolute minimum offered by the sportsbook. If I can bet less than a dollar I’ll do it. Of course, my returns are paltry but that’s fine by me, I’m in it for the fun of it.

I follow hockey, any hockey from the NHL to the Finnish Liiga. And that’s where I like to focus my betting. You’ll find me betting on just about every NHL game out there. One of my favorite bets to make is on anytime goals. You’ll find great odds for even someone like Alex Ovechkin to score at any point during the game for plus money. Plus money!

Want to know me more than just my betting profile? I’m a massive nerd where Magic The Gathering, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon make up an alarming amount of my personality.

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