NFL Football Betting Trends - February, 2024

What Are NFL Betting Trends?

NFL betting trends let you see how North American pro football teams do in specific situations. If you can get your hands on great NFL trends (like the ones we feature here), you are giving yourself a huge football betting advantage when it comes to making your NFL picks.

While there are some NFL preseason betting trends and NFL regular season betting trends that are nothing more than interesting league facts that you can use to impress your friends, the rest are great handicapping tools you can use to make your bets at your favorite NFL betting site.

NFL betting trends are things like NFL against the spread stats or how a particular team does in NFL preseason games when they're down double digits against a team with a losing record.

NFL Betting Stats

  • How a team performs against the spread (ATS) at home
  • How a team covers the point spread in road games
  • How a team does when playing against a conference rival
  • How a team fares as a home underdog

These NFL betting trends are the ones bettors should be looking out for this NFL season. The NFL betting trends we list below are ones you should ignore because they are interesting facts, but they don’t give you any important info about how a team could perform in their upcoming matchup.

Avoid these types of NFL team trends this week:

NFL Team Trends

  • How a team does when it rains for the first seven minutes of home games
  • How a team performs on the road when McDonald’s brings back the McRib
  • How much a team scores when a woman sings the national anthem
  • How a team fares when they wear white and play a non-conference opponent

Football Betting Stats

These NFL stats are fun but they don’t give you anything useful in terms of sports betting. If you’re looking to make an educated bet for a Hall of Fame game between the Miami Dolphins and an injury-riddled Buffalo Bills, it doesn’t matter if the McRib is back or not. NFL betting trends are based on a specific sample size of NFL games a team plays, not random events like the McRib coming back.

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