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The League of Legends European Championship sees the best of the best in Europe battle it out over two seasons, fighting for regional glory and spots at international events.

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As always, there will be a ton of matches, fierce competition, and of course, a wide variety of wagering options. Each regular season opens up many different bets as at least 18 games are played by each team, while the playoffs bring some extra spice with best of five matches throughout. Whether you're a fan of the simple moneyline, or want to use obscure statistics to form a clever bet, you’ll find something in the LEC.


A moneyline is a simple bet on picking the Sportsbook. You’ll usually find a moneyline in the form of two numbers, with one team being given a positive (+) to indicate the underdog and another a negative (-) to indicate the favorite.

For example, you might see something like this in the LEC:

G2 Esports -120


Fnatic +110

What this means is that G2 are the favorites and the number after the minus shows how much you need to bet to win an extra $100. Meanwhile, Fnatic are the underdogs and the number after the plus shows how much you’d win if you bet $100.

So, if you bet on G2 to win, you’d need to bet $120 to win an extra $100, but if you bet on Fnatic, you’d get $110 for a $100 bet. You’ll see vastly different odds for each match and it all depends on who’s playing who. Fnatic may be the underdogs here, but they’d usually be favorites against every other team.


Spreads are a popular betting option if you’re unsure on who will win, but still want to get in on the action. These can be for a variety of things, but generally only apply to kills and maps in the LEC.

Kill spreads are by far the most popular, as they come into play in every match, while map spreads only apply to playoffs due to all regular season matches being best of ones.

LEC Spreads will usually look something like this:

G2 Esports -11.5 (-111)


Fnatic +11.5 (-111)

In this example, we are looking at a kills spread for a match between G2 and Fnatic. Again, G2 are the favorites, however, this time the odds are the same for both teams. This is because of the spread.

G2 are given a negative spread, meaning the wager makes them start at -11.5 kills and for a bet on G2 to win, they would need to end the match ahead by at least 12 kills. Meanwhile, Fnatic have a positive spread, meaning a bet on them would make them start at 11.5 kills, and as long as they end the match within 11 or fewer kills of G2 the bet would win.

You’d also see spreads for maps in the playoffs, where the options would be +1.5, +2.5, -2.5, and -1.5. These all indicate a map advantage or disadvantage, and depending on the pick, teams would need to score a certain amount of maps to win. For example, at +2.5 a team would only need to win one map for the bet to win, while at -2.5, a team would have to dominate 3-0.


Totals or OVER/UNDER bets are quite similar spreads, except you’re focusing on only the total amount of things.

This is where you see a lot of variety, as League of Legends objectives and kills come into play. A totals bet may look something like this:

Dragons slain:

OVER 3.5 (-110)

UNDER 3.5(+200)

What this means is that you’d pick either OVER or UNDER for the total amount of dragons slain in a map, and then you’d win depending on how many were slain. If you bet OVER 3.5, as long as four or more dragons died, you’d win. Meanwhile, if you bet UNDER 3.5, you’d need 3 or fewer dragons to be killed.

You’re also likely to see totals for kills, towers, and barons, so you’ll have a ton of variety in the LEC.


When betting futures, you’re betting on who you think will win the LEC season’s playoffs. None of the other results matter and you're counting on just one team in just one final match.

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You’ll usually only be able to place a LEC future bet at the start of the event and your money will be tied up until the end of the playoffs, so make sure you’re fine without your cash for over a month. In case you’re wondering, a futures bet will usually look something like this:

G2 Esports +200

Fnatic +400

MAD Lions +500

Rogue +650

You’ll notice each team has quite high odds in this example. This is because futures are very difficult to predict and in the LEC, just one bad day might mean elimination. However, that does mean there is a ton of value - if you think it’s finally Fnatic’s time to shine, for example, you can have quite a big payday if they win.