NBA Power Rankings May 28, 2024

Team Rank Last Week Change Power Schedule Adjusted Power
New York22-+30.670.48+14.82
Golden State710+3+17.620.52+9.19
Oklahoma City816+8+17.680.52+9.11
New Orleans1512-3+5.980.51+3.03
LA Lakers1620+4-2.570.47-1.36
San Antonio1717--3.070.55-1.39
LA Clippers1919--5.500.50-2.77

NBA Power Ranking Notes (Jan. 17, 2024)

Our model at OddsShark has churned out Power Rankings for roughly the halfway mark of the 2023-24 NBA regular season. Lets look at some of the highlights and low points of these rankings and which teams are and aren't properly positioned.

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz coming in at No. 7, regardless of how you personally view the criteria for how these power rankings operate, is a testament to how dominant they've been over the past month after beginning the campaign with a 6-17 record.

While still only ninth in the Western Conference, the Jazz's current record of 22-20 is only 2.5-games back of the Dallas Mavericks for the fifth seed. The gap between that spot and home-court advantage in the first round may be too large to overcome, but Utah even being in a position to avoid the play-in tournament and secure a postseason berth is quite remarkable in and of itself.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have done an amicable job holding down the fort in the face of adversity as several key pieces miss significant time due to injury, mainly Darius Garland and Evan Mobley. Regardless, ranking fourth overall is quite generous when Cleveland is just fourth in the Eastern Conference and eighth overall. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

While losers of their last two against both teams from Los Angeles, the Oklahoma City Thunder still have a slight lead on the No. 2 seed in the West while possessing the fourth-best overall record. 

Ranking behind a number of teams in which they're currently ahead of is questionable, but even so, Oklahoma City has made a living off of being undervalued and perhaps overlooked, with some even questioning the Thunder's championship aspirations as premature when they've proven beyond capable of hanging with the NBA's elite. 

How Are NBA Power Rankings Created?

* Power rankings are updated every Monday and Friday of the NBA regular season. Ranks are based on a rolling 20-game range; early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year.

How many times have you looked at the NBA standings and saw a team that seems to have good talent and excellent stats, near the bottom of the standings? Did you think “That’s strange. I’ll bet they're an underdog tonight against a team they can beat.”)

This happens all the time because standings only detail past wins and losses. They don't help you predict NBA futures, nor do they give an accurate picture of the true strength of each team relative to one another -- that’s what an NBA Power Rankings grid is for! We aim to crunch all the important stats – field-goal percentage, three-point defense, ATS road victories, home rebounding and more -- to rate all NBA teams based on our unique handicapping formulas.

One team’s weakness may play perfectly into another's strength. Compare these power rankings against NBA point-spread and NBA moneylines to find an edge and you'll have a better chance of winning your wagers! See below for a ratings chart that details all the nerd math underlying our rankings.

The NBA Power Rankings page here at Odds Shark factors in home and road scoring, rebounding, margin of victory average, three-pointers per game, free-throw percentage, and more. We rate each team in each category and apply our weightings to each. We do the same for the defensive end of the court – steals, defensive rebounding, road and home efficiencies, which teams defend the perimeter, and more.

We take an overall power number and multiply it by a strength-of-schedule weighting that gives our overall NBA power rank. That list should help you judge the best odds on the NBA spread and moneyline at your favorite sportsbook. It’s part of our commitment to provide better NBA data, truer NBA rankings and stats that help you win more often!

Good luck with your NBA handicapping and bookmark this page for weekly power rank updates.

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