US Sportsbook Withdrawal Times: Fastest Payouts Online

Getting money on board Sportsbook is getting progressively easier. These internationally based betting sites can process credit cards using international transaction codes. They can also accept payments via money transfer services or even eCheck – depending on the individual site.

Withdrawing your money involves some creativity. You will not be able to withdraw back onto your credit card. This leaves four (4) main options:

Cryptocurrency: Using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is by far the easiest and most rewarding way to play in most industry-leading sportsbooks. A Bitcoin withdrawal is also the fastest way to cash out your winnings.

Paper Checks: Sometimes these will be couriered to your door. You will have to wait while the check gets printed and delivered. This is a reliable withdrawal method and many books allow a free check each month.

Money Transfer Services: This can be called different things, and usually refers to using Western Union or MoneyGram via a person-to-person transaction. An individual will wire on the sportsbook's behalf. This is also one of the fastest withdrawal methods.

Bank Wire: Not all of the Sportsbooks allow bank wire, and those that do will normally charge a fee to cover their costs for 3rd party payment processors. This does have the advantage of getting the money right into your account with no extra steps.

With payment processing dependent on 3rd party processors a lot of the time, the withdrawal time frames at different Sportsbooks vary a lot. The section below outlines what to expect at the different US sportsbooks. We have also made a summary of what to expect from each sportsbook.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Time Frames

This brand is the US friendly branch of the Sportsbook group, and has been welcoming US players to their sports betting, Sportsbook also has some of the best withdrawal speeds anywhere in the business with Bitcoin as the top option:

Bitcoin: Approximately 15 minutes from when your funds are approved.

MatchPay: Find a match and that money is yours in just minutes.

Bitcoin Cash: Once they've received your withdrawal request, expect the funds to arrive in your Digital Wallet within approximately 24-48 hours.

Check by Courier: Approximately 10-15 business days via courier once your withdrawal is approved.

Western Union / MoneyGram: These are the fastest methods and can be with you between 24 and 48 hours.

Bank Wires: Another speedy withdrawal method, this one taking up to 5 business days.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Time Frames

Sportsbook has been welcoming US bettors for more than a decade. With a depth of sports coverage which is unrivalled by the other US Sportsbooks, you’ll always be able to find something to bet on here. This includes a wide range of international sports in addition to the US favorites. Here are the main withdrawal time estimates:

Checks: 10 to 15 days is the estimate for this method, depending on exactly when they perform their payment run, you might get your check sooner.

Wire Transfers: 10 business days are needed for your bank wire to be processed. This has the advantage of getting the money direct to your account, and not needing to ‘clear’ like the check does.

Money Transfer: Western Union withdrawals can be arranged in 48 hours here.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Time Frames

Sportsbook is another sportsbook with a long track record of looking after their US (and international) customers very well. A unique feature of this book is that they offer bettors a 25 percent bonus on every single deposit, and not just the first one which is the case with many rivals. Here is how quickly you can expect to get your money off of this site:

Checks: The quote is for 15 days, which is a fairly long time to wait. Bettors have reported receiving their checks faster than this, within 5 days in some cases.

Money Transfers: This is the fastest method, with speeds of between 24 and 36 hours reported.

Bank Wires: This is a little slower, with Sportsbook taking up to 2 weeks to get your bank wire sent.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Time Frames

This popular sportsbook not only offers a great range of sports to bet on, Sportsbook offers a large number of ways to access their site too. You’ll find a dedicated mobile site, which is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices. Bet DSI also have an impressive live-betting area. Here are the expected time frames for withdrawing your money:

Checks: Up to 30 days is quoted, though this is probably just to protect themselves from any delays. Expect your check within this timeframe, though by how much really does vary considerably.

Money Transfer: Fortunately, the Western Union and MoneyGram ‘person to person’ option is much faster, you’ll often have your cash within 48 hours.

Betting Site Withdrawal FAQ

What betting sites have the fastest withdrawals?

For most betting sites, the fastest withdrawal time depends on the banking option. At Sportsbook and Sportsbook, you can have your funds approved as quickly as 15 minutes if you deposit with bitcoin. Some options can take 24-48 hours, or even a few business days. Check out our top-rated sites and reviews to figure out what option is best for you.

How long do betting site withdrawals take?

Most betting sites offer options for withdrawals that can happen within minutes, but the average time length depends on the betting option. Cashing out to an electronic wallet or cryptocurrency is usually the fastest withdrawal method, but other options like money transfer, paper checks, or bank wire can take days or sometimes weeks.

How do you withdraw money from a betting site?

Each betting site is different, but usually to withdraw your winnings players must first verify their identity. After submitting some form of identification, sites usually let players withdraw to a variety of different banking options from their wallet or profile page. Be sure to contact the customer support from your betting site of choice if you have any issues.

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