Betting With Bitcoin

Were you wondering why Bitcoin is becoming the currency of choice for many sports bettors? So were we! So we decided to dig in and find out why it's popular and how the process works for people making their first deposit with Bitcoin.


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Faster Deposits and Withdrawals

The number one advantage of betting with Bitcoin is the speed of deposit and withdrawal. Once you’ve gotten your wallet and exchange accounts set up, things happen much faster than with traditional currencies. Instead of waiting days or weeks to process transactions the traditional way, deposits and withdrawals usually take minutes. When you're ready to bet or withdraw your winnings, you don't want to wait a week for your money to arrive. When you bet with Bitcoin, things just happen a whole lot faster.

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The biggest reason to make the switch might just be the simplest—Bitcoin just works. Instead of declined credit card transactions and other frustrations with traditional currencies, Bitcoin transactions are much more reliable. Bitcoin is becoming the default (and sometimes only) payment method on more and more betting sites every day. If you want to keep betting and remove the headaches, you'll want to start betting with Bitcoin.

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Higher Limits

Experienced bettors will want to make the switch to Bitcoin, as many online sportsbooks offer higher deposit and withdrawal limits for Bitcoin users. Many betting sites also offer lower minimums for Bitcoin users, making Bitcoin even more attractive for today’s bettors.

Ready to give it a shot? We've prepared a guide to help you get started, explaining how to buy your first Bitcoin, make a deposit on your favorite betting site, and withdraw your winnings.

Want to know more about betting with Bitcoin? Read on for more advantages.

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