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About UFC Consensus

Before betting on a pay-per-view fight card, have you ever wondered what everyone else is thinking? Wonder no more, with Odds Shark’s UFC consensus page. We gather information from many sources and compile it into one easy-to-understand graphic so you know just what people are betting on for their UFC predictions.

Just like in mixed martial arts, there's levels to sports betting. This means you might be a jiu jitsu expert, but you still need to work on your other tools like striking. To relate this in UFC betting terms, by learning how to use the UFC consensus picks page correctly you can add new levels to your game and walk away with a unanimous decision victory over your sportsbook of choice when placing a bet on UFC picks.

For example, let’s say you wanted to know how people were betting for a fight between Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan. You come to our UFC consensus page, find the fight you are looking for and simply see which way bettors are leaning. Not only will you see what percentage of bettors are picking which fighter (on the left-hand side), you will also be able to see the best betting line possible for each fighter (on the right-hand side).

How do you use UFC public consensus? Well, that is up to you. Some bettors like to see where the public is leaning and bet against that – which is called “fading the public.” Other bettors like to find the best betting value and back a big underdog.

Of course, information is the key to any good sports bettor. And for all the information you could possibly desire for any UFC event, be sure to check out Odds Shark’s FightCenter. The FightCenter provides you with all the basic information, as well as in-depth fighter statistics for a more informed betting choice.

UFC Consensus Picks FAQ

Where Can I Bet On UFC

There are no shortage of online betting sites where you can bet on UFC. The most important part of betting is where you are placing your wagers. Do your research and utilize Odds Sharks sportsbook reviews and find the best fit for your betting experience. 

How Can I Win Betting On UFC

There are multiple ways to win betting on UFC. A great way to ease yourself into UFC betting is wagering the moneyline on a matchup. In a moneyline bet you only need to pick the Sportsbook of the fight regardless of how it finishes. Once you get the hang of these bets you can start wagering on props such as OVER/UNDER total rounds, method of victory, and more!

Can You Bet On UFC

You 100-percent can bet on UFC. There's a variety of ways to bet on UFC and even more sportsbooks and online betting sites that you can take your action too. Before registering and betting on UFC, be sure to check out the laws and regulations of your area as laws differ State-to-State.