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Betting on Golf with Odds Shark

Golf is similar to soccer in that it’s played across the world. Golf is a very popular sport that has daily betting markets. Odds are easy to find because there’s usually always a golf tournament to bet on somewhere, whether it’s in North America or overseas.

Learn to Bet on Golf at Odds Shark

It doesn’t matter if you’re a golf pro on the PGA Tour or brand new to the sport, we have everything you want and need to know about how to gamble on golf, odds, and how to win money on golf majors and tour events!

Golf Bet Types

What’s great about betting on golf is that you don’t always have to pick the Sportsbook of every tournament you bet on in order to make some coin. We tee up the most common odds and betting types below.

Outright Sportsbook

The easiest and most common way to bet on golf is by picking which golfer will win a tournament. If the golfer you pick wins the event, you win your bet. If the golfer you pick doesn’t win the tournament, you lose your bet. Outright betting odds are popular for golf bettors pursuing value opportunities on long-shot golfers who might have been devalued by sportsbook traders.

Let’s use Rory McIlroy as an example and assume he is the favorite to win the Masters at odds of +800.

This means McIlroy is an 8-1 favorite to win the tournament and if you bet $100 and he won, you would get a payout of $900 – your $100 wager is returned along with your winnings of $800.

If you were to bet the same amount on an underdog like Jon Rahm or Xander Schauffele, you would receive a better payout if you won your bet because the golfer’s odds would be longer.

Match Betting

Match betting is when golfers are paired in groups of two on the fourth and fifth days of an event. With tournament matchups, bettors pick which golfer they think will have the best score for a given round within the event.

Let’s say Hideki Matsuyama and Phil Mickelson are both in the field at a tournament. Their odds to win the matchup would likely be even at -120 each.

Three-Ball Wagers

In three-ball betting, golfers play in groups of three on the first and second rounds of a four-round tournament. This is because of the high volume of entrants. With three-ball wagers, you bet on which of the three golfers in a specific group will have the lowest score of a particular round.

Bettors don’t need to wait until the tournament is over to cash in their potential winnings, but for the bet to be valid, all three golfers have to finish all 18 holes of the round. Also, a three-ball bet is lost if two of the players in the group are tied for the lowest score after 18 holes.

Group Betting

In group betting, bettors wager on a golfer from a particular group of players to have the highest finish at the end of 72 holes. There are typically five players in a group bet that are from the same category based on the odds for the tournament or comparable world rankings.

Golf Props

Prop bets are a great way to enrich your betting experience and make things a little more interesting. There are a substantial number of betting props and odds available in golf, which is one of the many reasons why the sport is so unique.

Sportsbooks offer all kinds of odds such as whether a golfer will hit a hole-in-one, OVER/UNDERs on the winning score for the eventual champion, odds on the top left-handed golfer, and odds on golfers to make or miss the cut. For example:

  • • Will Brooks Koepka hit a hole-in-one?
  • • Will Dustin Johnson’s second-round score be OVER or UNDER 71.5?
  • • Will Justin Thomas finish in the top 10?
  • • Which American golfer will have the lowest score?

Golf Futures

Futures bets usually offer bigger payouts just like they do in other major-league sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. In golf futures betting, bettors make their picks weeks, even months before a major tournaments starts.

If Patrick Reed has futures odds of +3000 to win a particular event, but the tournament doesn’t take place for another couple of months, betting on Reed ahead of time gives bettors an edge of receiving early odds, especially if the odds lower the closer you get to the scheduled tournament.

Live Betting

Live betting has been one of the fastest-growing types of betting across all sports in recent years, and is a fun way to wager on golf. If the golfer you bet on, let’s say Bryson DeChambeau, is out of the mix at any point throughout the event, you can simply get back in the game by betting on a different golfer like Jordan Spieth or Webb Simpson as the weekend goes by.

The odds likely won’t be all that high if there are only a handful of golfers in the running on the last day, but your odds of winning will be.

Each-Way Bets

In each-way betting, bettors place two equal wagers on a golfer. The first wager is to win the event and the second wager is to place in the tournament. A golfer can place by finishing inside the top six or sometimes the top eight. For a place finish, the majority of online sportsbooks will pay out a quarter or a fifth of the original odds.

Where Can I Find More Golf Gambling Guides?

Now that you’ve been gifted with golf’s online gambling options, you’ll want to know even more about the who, what, when, where, why and how of gambling on golf, and the promising profits the PGA Tour presents.

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