Italy Serie A Consensus Picks: Italy Serie A Public Betting Picks

There is currently no consensus data available for Italy Serie A

About Italy Serie A Consensus

You may know everything about Juventus but do you know enough to make an educated bet? Here’s where the consensus comes in. The consensus pick is based on the data generated across various sportsbooks on the amount of money placed on one side. You may agree with the consensus pick and use that info to shape your bet. Or, you may not agree with the consensus pick and decide to go against it. When you bet against the consensus, it is called “fading” the public. Perhaps your knowledge of Juve is more advanced than the rest of the betting world and you can use your know-how to make a great bet. If not, you can check out the consensus and see what everyone else is predicting. 

We collect data across some of the best online sportsbooks throughout the world to help you make strategic picks. If you’re a casual bettor, consensus picks are great since they allow you to see how everyone else is betting in order to make your decision on which side to bet on. We rank the consensus data to show you which matches the public likes more than others and which sportsbooks have ideal betting lines on those matchups. Some people want the public on their side when making their picks, whereas others feel like the public is always wrong. 

It’s up to you how you choose to make your wagers but be mindful that the data compiled for the consensus does not address that number of people betting a draw (sometimes called a “tie”). The consensus numbers only involve those who are selecting one side or the other. However, you do have enough data at your disposal to help you make your predictions.

As public opinion shifts closer to the match, the data can be subject to change. Be sure to check in with our Lega Serie A Consensus page often to see how the data has moved. You can become a Lega Serie A consensus betting expert by learning more about betting against the public

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