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NHL Consensus Picks: Public Betting & Money Percentages

There is currently no consensus data available for NHL

About NHL Consensus

NHL consensus data is crucial handicapping information for anyone who uses online sports betting sites to wager on NHL hockey games regularly. At Odds Shark, thousands of hockey fans just like you vote on which NHL team they are betting on, whether it’s the moneyline or the total. It offers up an important view into how the hockey betting public is thinking. Bookmark this page and come back daily to watch the trends in NHL consensus picks.

What is the NHL consensus? It’s the Odds Shark way of gathering the number of bets and picks on every NHL game tonight to give you an idea of how the public is wagering on each game. NHL public betting consensus can give a sports bettor some great insight as to how they should wager on the days matchups. What is your reaction when you see 78 percent of the public is betting on one team on the NHL betting menu tonight?

Do you think, “Wow, everyone thinks that team will win, so I should follow the crowd and bet the same way.” Or do you think, “Hmmm, the wagering public is often wrong, so I think I will handicap this game to see if there are good reasons to bet the other way.”

If you are optimistic and decide to bet with the consensus, you are getting in on the public money. If you are a bit more glass half-empty and decide to bet against the consensus, this is called fading the public. Both betting strategies have their perks but it's all about figuring out the best way to utilize this info for your own bets.

This NHL consensus bets data gives you the information – what you decide to do with it is up to you and your particular handicapping style. However, there is no doubting the value of this information. Be wary early in the day when checking out NHL odds, as the betting trends are sometimes very one-sided.

This usually is indicative of the fact that not many bets have been placed on the game yet. Maybe there are only 10 bets and eight are on the Los Angeles Kings. If you check back an hour later, 50 new bets may have come in and now the public betting percentages are 50-50.

So watch for the NHL consensus picks data in our matchup reports and here on the consensus page. Bookmark it and check each day to maximize your winning potential at your online sportsbook on NHL games today.

NHL Consensus FAQ

What Is The NHL Consensus?

The NHL consensus is the percentage of where the public betting money is going. That number can have an influence on a bettor's decision to either trust the consensus or not, and bet against it. For more hockey betting strategies, check out our Best NHL Betting Strategies page.

How Should The NHL Consensus Influence My Hockey Wagers?

Statistics show that sports bettors heavily fancy the favorites. Casual bettors also like to back an NHL team they are fans of. Sharp (expert) bettors know better than to do that. They analyze the consensus numbers, and will search for opportunities to fade the public for potentially better underdog payouts. For more information on betting against the public, visit our Betting Against the Public piece.

Is It Smart To Bet With The Public?

Betting with the public is not always a good idea. The public consensus will often look skewed to one team early on, so it’s always best to wait a while and see where more of the money is going and where the lines are moving. To understand why line moves are so important in sports betting, our What Line Moves Can Tell Us article will break things down.