NBA Betting Trends: April 15, 2024

What are NBA Betting Trends?

Research is vital to sports bettors, especially in the NBA – although the past won’t dictate the future, it will give you a ton of context that can shape the kinds of wagers you make. 

The reality is that from time to time, you just won’t feel like diving into the world of stats – even bettors need some load management now and then! That’s where NBA trends are the perfect middle ground. By offering betting stats at a glance, you’re immediately exposed to matchup trends for each team in the game. 

Whether they’re recent patterns or something that has been building over the past few seasons, all you need is your best judgment and you’ll have made an informed bet. Helpful trends to look out for include:

  • Is a team experiencing success when playing as the underdog?
  • How often are they covering the spread?
  • Is there one team they always manage to win against?

And the list goes on. With so many betting options and the variety of matchups we see over the NBA season, from the playoffs to the NBA finals, these patterns and trends can grow into an extremely useful tool for sports bettors.

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