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Chinese League of Legends has been heating up over the years with LPL teams storming the World Championships in 2018 and 2019, shining a whole new light on the region.

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Thanks to the excellent Worlds performances, the popularity of the Chinese league has increased massively and as such, so has wagering opportunity. You’re now able to find all the same options for the LPL that you would for the popular western leagues. Be it moneylines, spreads, futures, or anything else - the LPL now provides excellent betting options. Let’s take a look at them below:


Moneyline bets are the most straightforward wagers that you can go for - all you do is pick who you think will win.

These bets are normally represented by numbers and a positive or negative symbol. The underdogs are given a positive (+), while the favorites are given a negative (-). These are then paired with numbers depending on each team's chances and indicate how much can be won from the bets.

For example, you may see something like this: Vici Gaming (+150) vs Invictus Gaming (-175).

This means that Vici Gaming are the underdogs and that you’ll earn $150 by betting $100, meanwhile Invictus Gaming are the favorites and the number indicates that you’ll need to bet $175 to win $100.


Spreads are alternative bets where you look away from the direct result and instead focus on the points scored in the game. When it comes to the LPL, you’ll mainly see two different types of spreads: kills and maps.

Both spreads work in the same way, one team is given an advantage and one a disadvantage. For example, you may see something like Vici Gaming +7.5 kills, Invictus Gaming -7.5 kills.

This means that Vici Gaming are given a 7.5 kill lead, and need to remain at least seven kills ahead of Invictus Gaming for your bet to win. Meanwhile, Invictus Gaming are given a 7.5 kill deficit and need to get at least eight more kills than team A for the bet to win.

It would work the same way for maps, but you’ll see either 1.5 or 2.5 as the options, depending on if it’s a best of three or best of five match. In the LPL, you’ll see best of three matches for the entire regular season. As such, you can bet either +1.5 or -1.5, which would mean that you give either one team an advantage and all they need to do is win one map, or give one a disadvantage and they’d need to win 2-0.


Totals, also known as OVER/UNDER bets, are wagers usually based around objectives and kills in the LPL.

The Sportsbook will pick a total, and you can choose to back either OVER or UNDER the amount. For example, you might see ‘Total Kills 20.5’ and you can then choose to back OVER or UNDER.

If there are 21 or more kills, then you’d win the OVER, but if there are 20 or fewer kills, the UNDER would win.

The specific numbers would change from match to match depending on the teams, and you’ll also be able to find options for dragon, baron, and towers.


LPL Futures are another very simple wagering option where all you do is pick the eventual Sportsbook. In the LPL’s case, this means who will win the eventual playoffs of the season.

The only result you care about is the grand final, and nothing else really matters. However, due to the nature of the LPL, it’s quite a risky bet as there are different Sportsbooks almost every season. Although this does mean you’ll usually find huge odds for LPL futures, so it’s a big risk for a big reward.

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Additionally, keep in mind that your cash will be tied up for the entire season, which will mean waiting over a month for the result, as you can only place an LPL future bet at the start of each season.

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