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Best NFL Betting Sites in 2024

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At first glance, most NFL betting sites can seem the same. But, there are plenty of key differences to be aware of when choosing the book that's right for you.

Some sites have consistently better NFL odds, newer football betting features, and (most importantly) some books are simply more reliable. To make it easier for you, we've compiled this page with the help of our NFL betting experts to break down which book is best for you:

How to Choose the Best NFL Betting Site For You

As the NFL is one of the most heavily wagered-on sports globally, the majority of betting platforms offer similar betting options and NFL lines. But, there are plenty of other factors to account for when choosing a football sportsbook.

Opting for a reputable betting platform with solid reviews is crucial. Here at Odds Shark, we have meticulously assessed each book to ensure they meet top quality, security, and reliability standards.

Your unique betting preferences play a pivotal role, too. For instance, if you're fond of NFL props, you might lean towards a platform offering an extensive array of props, updated frequently and early. If you want a site that allows you to stream games while you bet on them, there are options for that, too.

NFL Parlays, Live Betting and Other Features

Every NFL betting site has the same basic betting options, but additional features are some of the biggest differentiators. In recent years, some platforms have introduced innovative features such as same-game parlays (allowing you to bundle events from a single game), live streaming of matches, and live betting on ongoing contests.

Explore our sportsbook reviews or visit the platforms directly to discover the spectrum of features each site provides for NFL betting.

Find The Best NFL Odds

Succeeding with your NFL bets involves a solid understanding of the game's intricacies and team statistics. But, it's still hard to be successful without scouring sites for the best odds. Certain platforms are renowned for offering more favorable odds than others. For detailed insights, peruse our sportsbook reviews above.

Consistently comparing odds across different platforms (line shopping) ensures you secure the most advantageous odds for every wager. Additionally, leverage our NFL picks tools to pinpoint the best value:

Types of NFL Bets

Delve into the larger realm of NFL betting with our dedicated pages for each type of wager:

Creating An NFL Betting Strategy

While there's no one-size-fits-all NFL betting strategy, several valuable resources and tips can enhance your success rate.

Firstly, pay close attention to historical matchups. Using your NFL Betting Database, you can compare how teams have done against each other in specific weeks, coming off a bye, or where the game is played.

Additionally, monitor player health. Given the grueling 17-week NFL season and the rough nature of the game, staying abreast of injury reports and recent trends is crucial to identify teams in peak condition.

Here are some more NFL betting tools to help you craft your own betting strategy this season:

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