Legality Of Odds Shark And Its Legal Betting Services


If you’re searching for a legal powerhouse in the sports betting industry, Odds Shark’s gambling services and resources are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Odds Shark is a reliable and trustworthy source for all things related to betting on sports. Our one-stop-shop has the latest legal sports picks, betting odds, wagering trends, tools, and expert analysis, not to mention poker, casino, and racebooks.

See Odds Shark’s Best Legal Sports Betting Sites

The legalities of Odds Shark make betting on sports, politics, and entertainment safe and secure in knowing that everything we do at Odds Shark is in fact 100 percent legal. Rest assured that there’s no funny stuff you need to worry about when wagering on the world’s most popular sports. With Odds Shark’s services, bettors can legally wager on all sorts of minor and major sports leagues like:

  • • NFL
  • • NCAAF
  • • NBA
  • • NCAAB
  • • MLB
  • • NHL
  • • Soccer
  • • UFC
  • • Cricket
  • • Boxing
  • • Esports
  • • CFL
  • • Entertainment
  • • Formula 1
  • • Golf
  • • Horse Racing
  • • KBO
  • • NASCAR
  • • Olympics
  • • PBA
  • • Politics
  • • Rugby
  • • Tennis
  • • WNBA

Legal Sportsbooks at Odds Shark

All of the sportsbooks and betting sites Odds Shark champions are entirely legal. We would never endorse or promote any sort of shady operation. If for whatever reason you have any questions or concerns as to whether Odds Shark is legal, you can always contact any of our departments, and they will gladly clarify and dispel any negative notion you may have around Odds Shark’s legalities.

Odds Shark’s Outlets

Odds Shark offers our services to the biggest businesses in the industry. If what we did wasn’t legal, you wouldn’t see our odds on other credible media outlets such as:

  • • Fox Sports
  • • ESPN
  • • Sportsnet
  • • NBC Sports
  • • CBS Sports
  • • TSN
  • • SB Nation
  • • Yahoo Sports
  • • Bleacher Report
  • • Barstool Sports
  • • VSiN on Sirius XM

Odds Shark has a laundry list of sportsbooks and casinos that believe we are a great fit to work with their brand. Whether its live odds or betting lines with spreads and totals, it’s legit, and most importantly, it’s legal.

Odds Shark Disclaimer

Having said that, we would advise you to always refer to our terms of use, privacy notice, and cookie policies. The sports betting information on Odds Shark’s website is strictly for entertainment purposes.

We also recommend sports bettors confirm the gambling regulations in their respective jurisdiction as they differ across states, provinces, and countries. Some places have their own laws against types of gambling, including online gambling.

Odds Shark’s site is unassociated with, or endorsed by, any professional or collegiate league, association, conference, or team. Odds Shark is strictly informational, and does not accept bets or partake in the act of betting. Use of Odds Shark’s handicapping information in contravention of any law or statute is prohibited. is designed to gather betting odds from several sources which simply allows sports bettors access to the best betting lines on a particular sports game or event. We’re also here to help sports fans track their legal wagers, so that they can monitor them and remember them.

Odds Shark’s Legal Betting FAQ

Is Odds Shark legal?

Yes, Odds Shark is very much a powerhouse in the legal sports betting industry. Odds Shark is a reliable and trustworthy source for anything and everything that’s related to wagering on sports, politics, and entertainment. offers legal picks, odds, betting trends and tools, along with expert analysis and handicapping information.

Is betting in Odds Shark legal?

Betting in Odds Shark is legal depending on which state, province or country you’re in, as regulations in jurisdictions differ. Certain places have particular laws against different forms of betting, which includes online betting. Odds Shark’s site contains information on sports betting that is for entertainment purposes only. Odds Shark always recommends referring to its terms of use, privacy notice, and cookie policies.

How does Odds Shark operate legally?

Odds Shark’s website is designed to collect betting odds from multiple sources which simply provide sports bettors access to the latest and greatest betting lines on specific sports leagues and events. Odds Shark is able to assist sports fans with tracking their legal bets, so that they can remember those wagers and monitor them.

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