Best MoneyGram Betting Sites: Sportsbooks That Take MoneyGram

MoneyGram is a cash transfer service which works in a similar way to their bigger rival Western Union. This company has a giant network of branches, located in every US city and in other locations around the world. You can wire money to individuals or companies, in exchange for a small fee.

Many US-friendly online betting sites use MoneyGram as a deposit method. This way of getting your money on board is one of the most reliable ways around the restrictions in place on the old ways of getting money on board.

This article gives you a complete overview of MoneyGram betting sites. You'll find some advice on security, focusing on how to ensure that you are depositing at a completely legitimate betting site. Finally, we offer some insight on making sure that the sportsbook you deposit onto has the right mix of attributes for your wagering needs.

Best MoneyGram Betting Sites Online

How to Deposit at MoneyGram Betting Sites

This process begins with creating an account at your chosen betting site. This is very easy, and will usually only include a simple email address verification step.

Once complete, you need to get in touch with the support reps at your site. We recommend doing this via telephone, though live-chat or email may also be possible. Tell them that you would like to make a MoneyGram deposit, and they will explain the individual process at that Sportsbook to you. There is sometimes a document request at this stage, so the betting site can verify your identity.

You will be given the name of an individual, located offshore, and a tracking reference number to send with your deposit. Next to go to your local MoneyGram office which can be located online using a widget on their website.

The cashier will wire your money, providing you with a receipt and reference number. You will be charged a small fee. This is how MoneyGram runs their business.

Next you email your payment reference number to your betting site, to help them reconcile your payment with your MoneyGram account. It is possible that this could be completed within an hour, although three hours to one day is the most standard time-frame.

The big advantage of this payment method is that it is almost certain to go through the first time. There is no point in the process where it could be blocked, which gets around the issues credit card holders face. At the present time, withdrawals to MoneyGram are available at many sportsbooks. The most common alternative is to have a paper check, which some betting sites will courier to you.

How to Make Sure Your MoneyGram Betting Site is Legitimate

Most of the offshore sportsbooks which still welcome US players are completely safe. Some of them are well known brands that have been in the business for more than a decade and have solid reputations for service and fairness. However, rogue operators do crop up from time to time, so it is worth doing some checks before you make that MoneyGram deposit.

First, check for an online gambling license. These are issued by several jurisdictions including Antigua, Panama, Costa Rica and the Netherlands Antilles. A license alone is not enough for you to be completely sure of any sportsbook, however the lack of one is a strong sign that you should not be depositing.

External certification of game fairness for any casino and poker games, plus membership of industry associations are also good trust signals. You should also check for a wide range of deposit options for worldwide players. Finally, look for multiple contact methods and a responsible gaming policy. For us the real test of legitimacy is a betting site with more than five years of service and no major scandals or payment issues highlighted online.

Things to Look Out For At MoneyGram Betting Sites

Once you have found a site that accepts MoneyGram deposits, and that you are satisfied is legitimate, then it is time for the final checks. We like to make sure that a site has everything in place to suit our personal needs. There are several things to watch out for:

Bonuses, freebies and promotional offers are the first thing. Almost all books will offer a welcome bonus of some kind. Remember to look at the wager-through requirement in addition to just the main bonus amount, as this can vary a lot. We also like to make sure that loyal customers are well looked after.

Coverage of sports is important. If you bet on the 'big 4' then you are looking for a wide choice of bets, competitive lines and specials or prop bets on your sports to keep things interesting. If you prefer other sports, then there may well be significant variation in how much coverage there is at each sports betting site.

It can pay to shop around for the perfect combination. The best lines, best variety of bets, bigger bonuses and of course, MoneyGram deposits.

Moneygram Betting Sites FAQ

What is the cheapest betting site?

There is no one betting site that is “cheaper” than others, but one way for players to maximize their profits is to take advantage of betting and deposit bonuses. Take a look at Odds Sharks’ Recommended Sportsbooks to get an idea of what bonuses some of the top online betting sites offer. Sites like Sportsbook offer as much as a 125% signup bonus for deposits up to $2500.

Are betting sites trustworthy to bet on?

Yes, most betting sites are trustworthy. Some sites are more reliable than others, but most of the top sportsbooks in the world are respected and secure for all players. If you are looking for a trustworthy site to begin betting, check out Odds Shark’s recommended sportsbooks to find legitimate sites that are supported by large, trusted companies.

Can you make a living online gambling?

You can certainly make a living by online gambling. While some online casino games do not have favorable odds, sports betting is largely skill based and many individuals make their living betting on sports in person and online. Research, commitment, and knowledge are all important tools for sports bettors looking to make some cash.