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Play Online Keno For Real Money: Where And How To Play Keno Online

Keno Online Guide

Playing real money online keno gives players a chance to win large payouts with relatively small bets. Keno is a Chinese 80-ball lottery game that became popular in US land-based casinos over the past 150 years. It's now available in all legitimate US online casinos.

Read our online keno guide for the game's rules, strategy and odds. Also learn where you can play keno online for free, while also learning about keno's huge potential payouts. 

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How To Play Keno

Keno combines elements of lottery and bingo gaming. It's easy to learn how to play keno, which makes it popular with casual players.

The goal of keno is to pick 1 to 10 winning numbers from a field of 80 numbers. Some games allow players to make up to 15 selections, called "spots." A game of online keno happens in three easy steps.

1. The player chooses numbers from a field of 1 to 80, plus their wager size and the number of games they want to play.

2. The keno casino's random number generator (RNG) selects 20 numbers from the field of 80.

3. Count up the number of winning numbers (or "catches") you have. Players receive payouts based on a keno pay table.

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Popular Online Keno Games

US online casinos feature many versions of online keno. Here are some of the popular game types American online keno players may encounter.

  • Single Game Keno: The basic way to play keno online. You pick a single set of numbers ("spots") for a single drawing. If you have a winning draw, you collect cash before the next game.
  • Multi-Race Keno: Similar to multi-hand online blackjack, you play multiple games of keno at once. It's a fast-paced game, but players should make smaller wagers on each individual drawing.
  • Keno Draw: Version of online keno found at Bovada, Cafe Casino, Ignition and Slots.lv. Bets range from $0.01 to $10 with six bet ranges. The big jackpot ranges from $1,000 for one-cent bets to $1 million for $10 bets.
  • 40-Ball Keno: Variant played with half as many lottery balls. Select from 3 to 10 numbers, while the RNG draws 10 numbers in all. Jackpots are smaller, but odds of winning small prizes are higher.
  • Power Ball Keno: Standard 80-ball keno but with a big bonus jackpot. Like the Powerball lottery, you buy a bonus ball for higher payouts. This game is called Super Ball Keno in some online casinos.
  • Live Keno Online: While US live casinos seldom feature live dealer keno, some international live dealer casinos offer drawings of live keno online with real game hosts and hostesses.

Play Online Keno for Real Money

Online Keno Rules

The rules of online keno closely mimic land-based keno rules, but there are subtle differences. One major difference is the number of side bets available. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when playing keno online.

  • Faster Play: Many online lottery sites have keno drawings every five minutes. You can play many games of online casino keno in that time. It's like a scratch card or slots game, so adjust bets accordingly.
  • Keno Side Bets: Many online keno cards have side bets. These might be Super Ball or Power Ball side bets, or something more exotic. These have bigger payouts but lower odds.
  • Slots Bonuses: Most online casinos advertise slots bonuses, but allow keno and scratch cards to clear the wagering requirement. Read the wagering requirement terms and accept the bonus cash, if keno clears the requirement.
  • Free Online Keno: Most online casinos allow players to play for free, so learn the keno rules and test gameplay before you wager. Some casino sites only allow free-play keno before making a deposit, so sign out of your account to play free keno, if so. If you want to keep playing keno but with a lower risk, consider playing at a low deposit casino.

Online Keno Odds And Payouts

Numbers SelectedWinning NumbersOdds of WinningTypical Payout ($1 Bet)
10 Spots10 of 201 in 8,911,712$200,000
10 Spots9 of 201 in 163,382$10,000
10 Spots8 of 201 in 7,385$500
10 Spots7 of 201 in 621$50
10 Spots6 of 201 in 88$10
10 Spots5 of 201 in 20$3
10 Spots4 of 201 in 22$3
9 Spots9 of 201 in 1,380,688$25,000
9 Spots8 of 201 in 30,682$2,500
9 Spots7 of 201 in 1,691$200
9 Spots6 of 201 in 175$25
9 Spots5 of 201 in 31$4
9 Spots4 of 201 in 9$1
8 Spots8 of 201 in 200,115$15,000
8 Spots7 of 201 in 6,223$400
8 Spots6 of 201 in 423$50
8 Spots5 of 201 in 55$10
8 Spots4 of 201 in 13$2
7 Spots7 of 201 in 40,980$5,000
7 Spots6 of 201 in 1,366$150
7 Spots5 of 201 in 116$15
7 Spots4 of 201 in 20$2
7 Spots3 of 201 in 6$1
6 Spots6 of 201 in 7,753$1,500
6 Spots5 of 201 in 324$50
6 Spots4 of 201 in 36$15
6 Spots3 of 201 in 8$1
5 Spots5 of 201 in 1,551$500
5 Spots4 of 201 in 83$15
5 Spots3 of 201 in 12$2
4 Spots4 of 201 in 327$50
4 Spots3 of 201 in 24$5
4 Spots2 of 201 in 5$1
3 Spots3 of 201 in 73$25
3 Spots2 of 201 in 8$2
2 Spots2 of 201 in 17$10
1 Spot1 of 201 in 4$2

Online Keno Strategy

Keno is a game of chance, but certain betting strategies help players enjoy the game more. Here are some keno strategies to keep in mind.

  • Make Small Bets: Online keno hands go quick, like slots or scratch cards. Make smaller bets to compensate.
  • Use Bankroll Management: Calculate your bankroll in order to calculate bet sizes. Use "loss limits" and "win goals" to limit session times.
  • Don't Believe Scam Artists: Keno is a pure game of chance. Don't believe anyone who's trying to sell you a surefire keno strategy – it doesn't exist.

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More Games Like Keno

Players who love online keno often like other casino games. Here are some comparable online casino games you might enjoy.

  • Online Bingo: Another game with random numbers drawn and big potential jackpots.
  • Online Roulette: Like keno, you pick numbers and receive a wide range of odds and payouts on your bets.
  • Online Slots: Playing slots online is the only way to have bigger jackpots than online keno.