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A few nights ago, some guy took off all his clothes and started dancing on a poker table at Harrah's Casino. No names (you can find it on Google if you want) but he is from West Babylon, New York, which is 46 miles from Manhattan. We'll just call him NAKED GUY!

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, officers were dispatched at about 11:22 p.m. for a reported fight at the Flamingo Hotel. Apparently, the guy involved ran to the LINQ Hotel, where he dropped every single piece of clothing. Yea, STARK NAKED! He ran through the LINQ to Harrah's, where he climbed on top of a poker table and started showing his entire PACKAGE to the customers. 

So the first question is, what to do when a naked guy is sitting on your poker table and you are holding a pair of aces in the hole? OOPS! Not sure we should have used the word HOLE in that sentence.

Second question is, the NAKED GUY was sitting/dancing/gyrating on the table when all the chips and cards went flying. So, do you actually DARE to pick up the chips? NAH! Unless you have gloves! Do you even know which chips are yours? NAH! How will the dealer know that you have a pair of pocket aces? Currently efforting some folks at the Casino to get the answers. Will keep you posted.

NAKED GUY'S family said in news reports that his strange behavior was the product of someone spiking his drink with a psychedelic drug. Specifically, his wife told the New York Post, it occurred very soon after he and his friends guzzled down a round of Irish Car Bombs. Obviously, the name is offensive, and it has been changed to an Irish Shot. I had no idea what the Irish Shot is. Suri tells me it involves a shot of Irish whiskey and a shot of Irish cream, which is then dropped into a half-pint of Guinness stout. Add a little of Aaron Rodgers favorite psychedelic, ayahuasca, and boom, you have the NAKED GUY!

NAKED GUY is out on bail and due in court in August. We understand that he'll be fully clothed in front of the judge.


Our friend Anthony Curtis from the Las Vegas Advisor did a survey of 92 hotels in Vegas and found out that around 30 had rooms for UNDER $50. WHAT! Yea, that's almost the price of a Frappuccino and a chocolate croissant at Starbucks. Even better, there were a couple of joints for UNDER $20 bones. Again, WHAT! Yea, the Rio Hotel, which is off the Strip, was listing at $12 bucks. WHAT! WHAT! The Stratosphere which is on the Strip but heading toward downtown, was showing at $17 per room. However, before you book, check out the EVIL resort fees. These fees could double or triple your nightly rate. At the Rio, the resort fee is like $39 bones, putting the overall layout at $51. Looks like Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel downtown checked in with the BEST price at $40, all in, with NO resort fee. If you're wondering why July is SO CHEAP, the temperature as I'm sitting at my keyboard is 102 degrees, and it's ONLY 8:30 in the FREAKIN' MORNING! Gonna be ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN by 3:00 pm. Welcome to Vegas baabbbeee!!! 


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