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MLB Baseball - Umpire Betting Logs

UmpireAverage TotalWalksK'sHome WinsHome LossesHome Money
Cory Blaser8.005.8616.93113+771
Jim Reynolds9.087.0818.69103+576
CB Bucknor8.215.2117.07113+537
Mark Wegner11.307.7016.2073+525
Ed Hickox8.176.0816.7584+463
Hunter Wendelstedt9.627.1315.44115+366
Alfonso Marquez9.008.3616.5583+324
Scott Barry10.607.3016.6082+300
Dan Bellino8.815.8116.31115+281
Nestor Ceja7.605.8715.60105+272
Dan Iassogna11.086.9214.3384+253
Will Little8.076.2715.8796+247
Stu Scheurwater7.505.1715.0884+242
Lance Barrett6.755.0016.5084+228
Ryan Blakney8.276.2016.0796+228
Brian O'Nora7.607.4017.8041+214
Ramon De Jesus7.255.8317.0875+173
Bill Welke9.556.9115.5574+166
Brock Ballou9.004.5015.0020+152
Ted Barrett10.466.7716.5485+149
Ryan Wills8.317.5016.9497+139
Manny Gonzalez7.918.1818.0074+138
Larry Vanover8.435.9315.0095+134
Alex MacKay4.006.009.0010+130
Clint Vondrak8.505.6417.7995+122
Jim Wolf11.758.2517.5031+109
Gabe Morales9.606.6019.9064+96
John Tumpane9.756.0017.8375+91
Alan Porter9.606.3317.4087+86
Lance Barksdale10.007.5817.3375+75
Dan Merzel7.335.4717.9396+57
Bruce Dreckman6.775.3116.7776+53
Malachi Moore8.125.3817.1353+49
Sean Barber8.085.5013.8375+32
Ben May7.756.3315.0866+28
Doug Eddings8.006.6718.8366+28
Marty Foster5.836.0016.5033+26
Adam Hamari8.386.3117.6997+22
Jordan Baker8.608.0016.5396+15
Mark Carlson9.646.4315.86860
Tom Hallion7.757.3816.5044-3
Nick Mahrley8.945.5313.88107-24
Rob Drake9.576.4318.1443-51
John Bacon7.007.0019.0022-55
Todd Tichenor11.107.7017.6055-58
Jansen Visconti9.158.3116.5467-65
Roberto Ortiz8.365.7116.7177-65
Nate Tomlinson6.866.5717.1434-72
Brian Knight11.006.1518.4676-74
Nic Lentz8.756.2516.3366-75
Chris Guccione10.556.4518.9165-89
Pat Hoberg8.366.0018.6477-97
Chris Conroy8.366.2917.5077-100
David Arrieta5.003.0019.0001-100
Jose Navas4.006.0017.0001-100
Randy Rosenberg5.007.0027.0001-100
Phil Cuzzi8.145.7115.1477-115
Chad Fairchild6.106.3015.2046-128
Charlie Ramos9.606.8017.0055-163
Marvin Hudson7.935.4717.5378-182
Mark Ripperger8.925.9216.7767-188
Junior Valentine7.586.5315.79109-191
Laz Diaz8.675.8715.5378-199
Chris Segal9.466.3816.3167-220
Bill Miller8.645.2917.5768-260
Paul Emmel10.005.4015.0778-261
Jeff Nelson9.366.1817.0956-270
Ryan Additon9.696.7715.3167-303
David Rackley7.735.5518.2756-326
Quinn Wolcott9.106.3015.8046-338
Mike Muchlinski10.077.4716.9378-356
James Hoye9.005.2116.5768-387
Edwin Moscoso9.196.8817.0679-391
Jeremy Riggs8.404.8014.0069-407
Jeremie Rehak9.425.2516.6748-416
Jerry Meals11.426.5816.9248-429
Greg Gibson8.704.9015.4037-434
Adam Beck8.206.1316.2069-443
Jerry Layne9.886.0019.3826-445
Erich Bacchus8.475.8015.3369-460
Alex Tosi9.207.2019.2037-521
Tripp Gibson8.465.7715.6249-526
John Libka9.006.4317.0059-553
Adrian Johnson7.566.6916.4479-556
D.J. Reyburn8.365.2116.0759-567
Shane Livensparger8.336.0616.78711-599
Ron Kulpa7.507.2517.5017-639
Carlos Torres8.085.9217.38310-650
Chad Whitson7.506.4316.21410-683
Andy Fletcher6.084.7517.1739-728
Angel Hernandez8.075.9317.47411-781
Vic Carapazza9.677.0018.00210-899

If starting pitching is the most important piece of the baseball betting data pie, then umpire data is close behind. Also on that pie, whipped cream because it always makes pie better.

The man behind the plate had his own tendencies when it comes to calling a game, the same way that pitchers have their own specific way of throwing heat – think of Tim Lincecum and his dangle, Daisuke “Dice-K” Matsuzaka and his overhead stop or Jonny Cueto’s twist to second base.

When you look at a home plate ump’s stats, you get to see some stats that you wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to when handicapping your MLB bets. An umpire with a bigger strike zone may call more strikeouts and often, the corresponding stat is more UNDER wagers. Conversely, umps with a small strike zone that leads to more hittable pitches and walks means more baserunners can translate that to more runs and OVERs for bettors. Some umpires appear to favor home teams, whereas others are big proponents of the away squad.

The umpire stats we feature here at Odds Shark should be incorporated into your daily handicapping regime during baseball season.

  • Overall Stats: How many games have they called to date and how many walks, strikeouts and runs have occurred?
  • Favorite Stats (monyeline): Do they favor the favorite?
  • Underdog Stats (moneyline): Do they favor the underdog?
  • Total Stats (O/U): What is their OVER/UNDER record?

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