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For some, the latest horse racing news is concentrated into just a few events per year when the mainstream hype of the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown races dominates headlines in May and June. For many others, betting on horses is a daily labor of love with wagering happening at tracks across North America and around the world.

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Odds Shark is the top source for horse betting odds, analysis and picks. You’ll find all of the best horse racing betting news, resources, guides and more to help you win big like you’re the Belmont Stakes Sportsbook. Make sure to stop in often during Triple Crown season, and for every other big race for the latest horse betting news.

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Where To Bet On Horse Racing

In today’s sports betting landscape, there are almost too many options when it comes to where to bet on horse racing. That’s why our team of experts has cut out the fluff and compiled all of the best racebooks available into one easy-to-use list, so you can find the perfect fit for the Preakness Stakes. No more wondering if a site is legit or not. Check out our racebook reviews and find your perfect match today.

Horse Racing Odds

While betting on a Triple Crown race is one of the most popular events to wager on live as well as with futures bets, many tracks offer live horse racing odds every day. If you’re looking to bet on the ponies at any point, consider checking out odds on the biggest upcoming races with our Kentucky Derby odds, Belmont Stakes odds, Preakness Stakes odds and Breeders’ Cup odds.

Horse Racing Picks

Making picks for horse matchup wagering can be as simple as placing a straight bet on a competitor to win their race or can extend to making advanced bets, such as quinella wagering. Every year there are a handful of horses that handicappers and horse racing fans are excited to see long before the Run for the Roses. These young horses have been bred and trained their entire lives to compete in the three Triple Crown races at Churchill Downs, Belmont Park and Pimlico.

Actually winning all three events is a rare feat. In total, 13 horses have won the American Triple Crown. While there may not be a favorite to join the illustrious list, you can still see who is favored to win the major races on the calendar with our Kentucky Derby picks, Belmont Stakes picks, Preakness Stakes picks and Breeders’ Cup picks.

How To Bet On The Sport Of Kings

It’s all right if you’re not sure of the best way to bet on horses or how to tell the difference between an exacta bet and a trifecta box. If you’ve heard of Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6 or Daily Double betting, but don’t know how Win, Place, Show bets work, check out the tutorials from our handicapping experts that know the sport of horse racing inside and out.

Finding odds and learning the lingo associated with the “sport of kings” is not always easy, but we have made it simpler for novice bettors to learn how to wager on horses online, at the track, or at an OTB location.

More Horse Racing News

There’s no denying Odds Shark covers horse racing across the board. We were bred for wagering on horse racing. If you want to gallop out of the betting gate, whether it be on straight bets or exotic bets, our king of colt betting tips and strategies will lead you to the pony promised land.

Keep up on our horse racing content and follow for full rundowns of how a single horse finishes a race or picking the Sportsbook of consecutive races. Our goal is to turn you into a sports betting stallion. We hope that with our horse wagering resources, you’ll be as successful as Secretariat or Seabiscuit.

Horse Racing Betting News FAQ

Is Horse Racing Declining?

Horse racing is still highly relevant today, but it has certainly declined in popularity over the years. Due to a multitude of external factors surrounding horse racing as well as the growth of other major sports in the gambling industry, popularity has dwindled but there is still a strong and active horse racing betting community.

What Is The Safest Bet In Horse Racing?

While there is no such thing as a "safe" bet in gambling, the "safest" bet in horse racing you can place is a straight bet. A straight bet is when you wager on a specific horse to either win, place or show. These bets are easy to make as you only need to focus on one possible result.

What Is The Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy?

There are numerous horse betting strategies that all rely on different factors to help horse racing bettors handicap their wagers at their preferred racebook. Check out Odds Shark's horse racing betting page to become familiar with some of the best handicapping methods, news, trends and more so you can win your horse racing bets.

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